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Ken4155 | 17:54 Sun 09th May 2021 | Media & TV
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I see the new series of Fargo begins tonight - Channel 4 10pm. Hope it's as offbeat as the other 3 seasons:-)


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Am I the only one here who thinks of this whenever they see the word 'Fargo'?

That looks hilarious !
Who's the girl?
Question Author
Finished the last episode today (Ep 11) and have to say Series 4 is just as zany and enjoyable as the previous 3.
/// Am I the only one here who thinks of this whenever they see the word 'Fargo'? ///

Me too :-)
Question Author
2 of you definitely showing your age :-)
I always think of this

Was dubious about this after the quality of the other 3,but so far I'll stay with it. The Jesse Buckley character is very fargo-ish but i'm interested to see how much more quirky the gangs go.
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The good nurse Oraetta Mayflower is the quirkiest character throughout the entire series, bunk, but then you probably guessed that already. In good Fargo tradition, however, it is the events that occur rather than the characters which lend the quirkiness to the show.
Thanks ken:-) good to know it will be worth my while to keep going! Have to say Oreatta Mayflower is one hell of a name;-)
Oraetta even!!

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