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Jordyboy9 | 21:53 Mon 10th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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A long time ago when I watched Coronation Street and EASTENDERS,
Ena sharples and her 2 cronies, Elsie Tanner with her stupid son Dennis,
Angie and Den it was fun and entertaining,
What happened is it because I got old with a victor meldrew complex,?
Or maybe the standard of acting and writing has deteriorated to an extent that they are not worth watching?


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I stopped watching the soaps years ago. Did try again for about 6 months or so more recently, but they seem to have run out of ideas.
I also stopped watching soaps years ago. From what I've gathered in the media the writers have had to make the storylines totally & ridiculously over the top to keep the audiences.
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Nice one beuonchico hope you’re well
I wonder if in part its to do with the number of episodes they have now? In the early days we watched it once a week didnt we? That takes far less writing than the current level of output and the stories simple run out of steam I guess.
I used to like Brookside before the cast turned into supermodels. Corrie used to be quite funny at times. I watched Eastenders in the early years.

They changed when it all became about ‘issues’ and big stories instead of normal life.
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Thanks again beuonchico but I will keep the one I have for now in remembrance of my old pal jordy,it still hurts
We watch the old Corrie on ITV3 in an afternoon. Like you said jordyboy, it was much better in the old days. I think its down to the writers nowadays. They tend to drag scenarios out for so long that we get bored . Also they have some daft storylines . The one now with Gemma expecting quads !!!!
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Thank goodness I have so many people agreeing with me thought I was beginning to lose it
Sensationalism, is the key word here. The writers make it as shocking as they can to keep the viewers hooked. I did watch Coronation Street, years ago. Good, believable story lines, and quite funny at times!
I used to watch EastEnders, will even admit to Crossroads at a push.

I think the script-writers don't think of injecting any humour anymore.
I used to like Eastenders I haven't watched for about 6 months now though.
elsie tanner and the gormless Dennis
blimey that dates you ....
// Corrie used to be quite funny at times.//

yeah mr bettabuys used to play it for laughs
and then said glumy that it got serious ....
///...Ena sharples and her 2 cronies, Elsie Tanner with her stupid son Dennis...///

... and Ken Barlow - - - oh !
I wish Gemma wouldn't talk with her mouth full all the time. Nearly every scene she's in, she's eating and talking at the same time. I find it disgusting.
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What about Harry Hewitt he got killed when his car fell on him or is my memory failing me.
I don’t think I’ve watch any ‘soaps’ in over 20 years . I now liken AB as my soap watching :’)
I don't watch soaps,
Mrs sqad does and here is her opinion:

The acting has has got BETTER, but the writing and story lines have deteriorated...badly. She says (Mrs sqad) that this is inevitable as one runs out of stories as time goes on.

Mrs sqad knows everything....;-)

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