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horselady | 20:04 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Oh no-it's the High Five bloke.


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Maybe the German guy will beat him.
Which is the high-five guy?
No high fives tonight, but a fist bump from the other team!
Two very in your face captains faced off tonight.
The German bloke is very arrogant isn't he? I don't understand why he always says 'I'm from Berlin, Germany' as if no one knows where Berlin is.
I thought he was going to push his thumb through the desk top!
There are approximately 30 places called Berlin in America and others elsewhere too.

It was an edgy game with much nervous water sipping.
They were well matched I thought. Odd bunch though.
Really gripping semi final. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
// The German bloke is very arrogant isn't he? //

The television lies. He's fine in person.
I don't think any of them are arrogant to be honest. Just hyped up and keen to win.
A bit of a surprise final line-up in the end, but I am delighted to see old Teddy Hall in the final :-)
I'm chuffed to see Edinburgh make it, too. Especially surprising considering how strong Durham looked, but it only takes a little luck for two evenly-matched teams to trade wins.
yeah close and close makes good telly
you dont want one side shigging the other - people watch corrie
Watching Herr Leo poised on the buzzer was a sight to behold :-)
Missed the end of the last semi-final as I had to go out. Which teams are in the final?
Edinburgh v. St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford.
jesus you have to be pretty good to do university cack up in a foreign language....

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