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wrayperson | 22:03 Fri 05th Jan 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watched University I posted on surprise again that Keble won... so many starter questions angled in the sphere of Cottrell Boyce...I'm surprised JP went along with it.


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Yes, couldn't believe the number of literature questions, but Cottrell Boyce knew the answers to the other subjects as well - all Reading could do was giggle like children. Embarrassing
It was quite awful to watch, but even I got at least a couple of the starter questions that Reading answered wrongly.

I think they gave up after a while. Might as well try to look as if it doesn't matter that much.
As I said on the other thread, it didn't make good viewing.
I think it was deliberate after about 10 minutes, they'll always be remembered as the first team to score 0, a good pub quiz question in the future, no-one will remember Keble's win.
At least Pippa Greenwood tried to answer a starter, but was 'pipped' at the post. Awful!
He is clearly a polymath
I liked the lady's blue lipstick
( always fascinated by that - and now I have seen it)

it was the final - the criteria for selection are a bit odd - you have to be famous and NOT to have taken part previously

the reserves are selected as alumni living near Manchester ( no travel costs)
I've been on a TV quiz show, and it does make you nervous, but that was simply pathetic - Martin Hughes-Games did himself no favours
Most of them aren't famous exactly though, just very distinguished in their careers. I only knew Katy Brand and the Springwatch guy from the few episodes I saw.
Disappointing finale. Reading were lucky to win their semifinal.
I agree gg - embarrassing
Thanks for that folks. I haven't watched it yet. Perhaps you should have marked the post Spoiler Alert?
Jim did it right with his thread.
Question Author
And also hellywelly4, why when you have not watched a programme would you enter thread entitled University Challenge?
If you go to the top of the TV Topic and scroll to see what's being chatted about, your thread gives the winner in your opening lines, Jim's thread below it says 'Spoilers' - so one wouldn't know what is within.
Wrayperson, that's what I initially thought, but if anyone looks at the 'TV' section, your whole opening post is shown. Jim's version, with SPOILERS, is the preferred version - this subject/debate comes up quite regularly, usually in relation to sports results.
Going a bit too far with this 'spoiler alert' thingummy-jig, people. Okay, evident that Keble won but you had to scroll down to discover Reading's abysmal 'nil points'. And anyone watching will soon realise that Keble were the only team actually trying.
Sorry folks. I didn't see the post from Jim.
I have just watched it - and I can't say I agree that Mr Cottrell Boyce had questions in his 'sphere' more than anyone else - he simply answered more quickly and more often, as did the rest of his time, and that is why they won.
I think we should stop blaming Cottrell Boyce.

I have now watched this twice and Reading simply were not up to the standard required. They were extremely slow in answering any kind of question and in the few occasions when they did, they were wrong.

And that was it.

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