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jobjockey | 08:16 Sat 06th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Is the Rover's return changing into a
gay bar?, just curious with the latest
episode, with the 'vicar. Where is his
church. and where are his parishioners?


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Don't have a problem with gays kissing in bars or wherever but it does seem to be far more prevalent in soaps these days, as opposed to non gay people kissing. Don't actually like seeing such intimate scenes from gays or non gays unless it is a relevant part of the storyline.
I was wondering if Yasmin & her boyfriend ever...... got it on!?
Did you see Chesney and Gemma in the 'afterglow' on their sofa, lankeela?

Tony Warren would be as happy as Larry at the way Corrie has developed, he was openly gay when it was illegal as well as alcoholic and a drug addict.
I did indeed, and my point exactly - I wondered why it was necessary - could just as easily left it to the imagination and shown them gaily tripping hand in hand up the stairs.
That scene was bad, but not nearly as bad as this famous Corrie scene
Both those scenes were cringeworthy!
// Tony Warren would be as happy as Larry at the way Corrie has developed, he was openly gay, an alcoholic and a drug addict.//

so that time Ena Sharples was confused,
in fact she had just stuffed a line of coke up her shnozzle ?

(a shnozzle is a nose to you thames gannets)
and minnie caldwell when she coldnt find her way home
she wasnt tiddly
she was high !

and that bit part Amy WInehouse was in - she wasnt acting,
it was the real thing !
yeah and Amy was serving at the bar at the Rovers in another b walk on part ( or stagger on and cling to something part for her)
and the customer says
there isnt enough head on this beer
and AMy says - I'll give you head ! and sneezes into the glass
and hands it back to the customer

cut to Daniella screaming Rickoi ! and then she says - I'll have some of that .....
What on earth are you talking about, PP?
Izzy, the girl in the wheelchair - what ever happened to her child? Do we ever see him??
We see Jake now and again. More often than we saw Tracey Barlow when she was a child, seemingly locked in her bedroom :D
I'm an avid watcher of Corrie and I haven't seen Jake for many months and often wonder who's babysitting him when both Gary and Izzy are in the pub !

A scene I also remember that makes me cringe was a passionate falling onto the bed between Ken and Deirdre !
Thankfully Ken Barlow has managed to keep his clothes on, unless I've blotted it out.
According to this, Jake was last on screen on Christmas eve. Maybe he'll appear at Easter.

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