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corylus | 13:16 Sat 06th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Mrs Tembe coming to Coronation Street, could be interesting!


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I wonder if she'll be using her natural Brummie accent
I think she is great. I read about it in the newspaper this morning.
Who and who?
The actress played Mrs Tembe in Doctors
Never heard of that programme or actress - if its a daytime programme, I'm at work.
I saw that this morning too. Brilliant actress.
Oh, so that's why she left Doctors.
For not long I hope
Not for long what majorcaman?

Are you hoping she is not in corrie for long?? Or Doctors??
OMG, I thought she was dreadful, talk about a take over bid. Since when did a receptionist have so much say in how a surgery was run?
Awful character, poor actress.

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Lorna Laidlaw

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