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jobjockey | 08:16 Sat 06th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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Is the Rover's return changing into a
gay bar?, just curious with the latest
episode, with the 'vicar. Where is his
church. and where are his parishioners?


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So gay people can only kiss in gay bars? Is that what you think?

The clue is in the title - Billy's parishioners don't live on Coronation Street, his church isn't in Coronation Street but when something impacts on Billy's ability to do his job we do see the church and Billy's role as a vicar.
He doesn't do much vicaring does he?

When he first came into the show he was Sean's partner but one of the reasons they split was cos Billy didnt have enough time as he was always running around after his parishioners.

He's changed now.
He changed when he became a drug addict.
Didn't take him long to kick the drug habit!
He wasn't an addict for long.
Question Author
I am not very keen on seeing
any body canoodling in any
public bars, gay or heterosexual.
Neither was Izzy a drug addict for long. Did I hear the “F”word from Tyrone when they discovered the smoke machine?
You know what I meant,Douglas,but if you want to be a clever *** so be it.
If I wanted to be clever I wouldn't hang around here.

No idea what you're talking about but feel free to keep venting.
Do you think Tyrone would say “fire or fog hell “if he saw smoke coming out of a Machine? If you bothered to watch the programme you would know what I was talking about.
Ah, you've got me, if I bothered to watch the programme...............

Try to relax and have a laugh now and then would be my advice, unsolicited of course, no need to reply.
You know, I read a lot of your replies on threads and honestly find them very funny,but, I think this time you deliberately tried to be awkward.
What do Martha Longhurst and Minnie Caldwell think of this? Not to mention the fearsome Ena Sharples. I don't think the Glad Tidings Mission we be very welcoming.
Everhelpful, one of us is having a bad day.

It's not me. Have a good night.
It's turning into a gay street. There have been about seven gay characters already and now there is going to be another one. The black family coming into Corrie have a gay son.
You know, I read a lot of your replies on threads and honestly find them very funny

Me too...well, unless they are funnies that are in answer to my posts.
Yes,I've had a really bad day,douglas,Newcastle lost,my team,Sunderland won and I won £524 on the horses.!!

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