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Coronation Street Gay Rape Storyline

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mushroom25 | 11:36 Sat 17th Mar 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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suitable pre-watershed material? accepting the issues being aired are "socially important", is it "socially important" to expose young children to material like this? or is it intolerant old beggars like me that need to get a life?


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It won't be graphic.
I'm sure it will be handled sensitively and professionally.

Is Coronation Street a programme for young children?
I don't think it is a suitable subject to be aired before the watershed.
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One in ten rape victims are men so this is reflecting the reality of life. It was done with great sensitivity, nothing graphic to frighten the kiddies but disturbing for the adults who knew what was about to happen.

What really counts is how David handles it, hopefully it will show the devastating affect rape has on victims, both male and female, and the difficulties in reporting it or even telling loved ones about the ordeal.

Jack P Shepherd has proven himself to be a very good actor and I'm sure he will do justice to the storyline.

Toyah's rape was much more shocking and violent in 2001 and Corrie handled it brilliantly.

It would seem that our once comical and enjoyable soaps have been taken over by the LBGT's agenda.

I wonder when they will introduce transgender characters?
Oh wait a minute they already have, remember Hayley Cropper?
Quite, hc.
We've had (female) rapes, abductions, child-grooming/abuse, assaults doestic violence and murders. Most of which have been pretty graphic and are far more likely to 'upset' young children than something which is, essentially, just going to be spoken about....

Hayley was a much loved character in Corrie.
Ah.....yes......our 'agenda'....

What is it, again, exactly?
I don't think young children would have picked up on what was about to happen, I found it quite disturbing though.
Josh can't possibly know what David's reaction will be ? Does he want to go to prison or is he going to pack his bags and scarper before anyone gets to know what he has done ?I thought that most male rapes were opportunist and the thrill of being in power was what the rapist wanted.Not having sex with an inert body.
This was definitely not suitable to be shown before the watershed. Even if children are not actually sitting down to watch Corrie they would probably be wandering in and out of the room and possibly asking what that man is doing to David. There are too many storylines going on in Corrie at the moment . The new woman( forgot her name ) seems to be trying too hard to shock .
Not that I watch them I hold the opinion that soap operas serve a purpose in delivering story lines that educate and inform people of issues that they may otherwise shy away from.

These story lines are supported by appropriate charities and other services to ensure they are accurately portrayed. I cannot see this to be a bad thing.
I thought the Kirstie and Tyrone domestic violence storyline was done brilliantly. It was difficult to watch at times but it did help some men report it and raise awareness of a charity that helps men in that situation.

It is a programme that is still watched as a family in many households and if it can get families discussing these issues then that can only be a good thing.

This particular storyline has been very well publicised and if parents really didn't want their children to watch it they can turn it over.

One of the most disturbing scenes I have seen in Corrie was very understated. David was throwing peanuts at his mother and wouldn't stop even though Gail was upset. It was done so casually but the underlying menace was tangible.

andres, it is very likely that Josh will claim the sex was consensual and if David doesn't report it straight away there will be no evidence of the drug in his system.
Sadly many rape victims have been drugged in this way - John Warboys used the same or similar drug. Some rapists want their victims to be fully conscious and petrified, others want their victims subdued and unable to protest or struggle.
definitely not pre watershed material. These disgusting soaps should be on the weirdo channels after 9 in my opinion. They are nothing but disgusting doom and gloom fests, it amazes me that people watch this tish. Why are they exempt from the rules?
As somebody once said, 'that's entertainment'.
it isn't though is it? I can't bear to even watch a trailer.
We have already had murders, rapes and acid attacks. I am just waiting for the first mass shooting with 10 or 20 characters killed off at once.
How is a storyline about a male raping another male going to help 'LBGT's agenda' AOG?

I don't think that I said that it would.
No Tora, it isn't.

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Coronation Street Gay Rape Storyline

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