Tony Blair On T.v,

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jobjockey | 09:50 Tue 19th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Certainly made my mind up on 'Brexit'
Still the same old waffle. not a big fan
of Piers Morgan, but he was excellent
this morning.


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Expect he was in his usual theatrical barrister mode JJ.
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TB on tv again? Was he sat alongside his pal Macron?
Who was excellent, the lying ex prime minister or the sacked newspaper editor?
Blair has proven beyond doubt that the further away from Britain he goes, the greater her reputation as a 'statesman' is.

Sadly it doesn't have to be too far - just across the pond - for foreign politicians and civil servants to believe that he is worth listening to, and that his opinions and influence still count for something over here.
To be fair to Wendy's beau, he does wield marginally more power than the average online poster, yes, even an Answerbank one.

I'd still rather have him and his Armani army than the shower of inadequates that followed.
Didn't see it but I know if his ( Blair ) lips were moving that he'd be lying.
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To Hopkirk Piers Morgan was excellent,
must admit I worded it wrongly, but I
would never condone his condemnation
of British troops.

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Tony Blair On T.v,

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