4 Weddings Tonight

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Prudie | 21:23 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Has anyone any idea what time the 4 weddings and a funeral sequel is on Comic Relief tonight? I can't bear to sit through the whole broadcast.


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I don’t think they announce the time in advance. They want you to sit through the whole broadcast.
Question Author
Yes that's what I'm thinking...
The only running order I've seen is this.

Red Nose Day schedule
BBC One, 7-10pm: Comic Relief 2019
BBC Two, 10-10.35pm: Comic Relief Does University Challenge
BBC One, 10.35pm-12.30am: Comic Relief 2019
BBC One, 12.30am-1.30am: Celebrity Apprentice for Comic Relief, part 1 (R)
BBC One, 1.30-2am: Celebrity Apprentice for Comic Relief, part 2 (R)
BBC One, 2-3am: The Big Red Nose Climb (NR)

I'd guess at it being before 10pm.
No doubt it will be on catch up.

Like you, I can't bear to watch these things live.
"I can't bear to sit through the whole broadcast."

I couldn't either. But then I couldn't watch "Four Weddings" either. Started watching it once. Gave up after about 30 mins. Record the whole of Comic Relief then scuttle through tit tomorrow at 30x speed until you get to Four Weddings. Then increase it to 60x !!! :-)
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Thanks all, that's what I've done.
Starting now.
Watching a taster now .
Think this is it actually!
What a disappointment that was. Just hope Part 2 is actually funny
All for a good cause blah di blah....
Just turned I watching the original film?
Question Author
Dunno, I'm watching Die Hard with a Vengeance and will pick the 4 weddings up tomorrow.
never having seen 4 weddings and a funeral, the trailer/ad throughout the week went over my head.
Have I missed much - either in the way of the film or the nose day thingy?
Part 2 not funny either. All those months of looking forward to it. Richard Curts and Emma Freud at the helm, all that talent at their disposal, and that’s they best they could come up with?!
Just switched over to see that the current total pledged is just under £50m. Am just deciding whether to donate £10, £20 or £30. Or maybe nothing at all.
Stick a tenner in, I djd. Or may be your worth more??
A tenner it is!
Lots of tenners add up!
the del and buster - fools and horses song and dance was OK
Mama Mia the replay - mama mia, awful !

and the Four weddings sequel

oh - is it called - four funerals and a cremation ?

honestly I could have written a less dire script than those on comic relief

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4 Weddings Tonight

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