Eggheads Friday-Another Useless Team

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gollob | 19:44 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Tonight's Eggheads Team was the Southsiderz Who managed to answer just 6 questions through the whole programme. Why do the presenters pick teams like this who admitted they have never quizzed before . How do teams like this get through auditions when they are so useless. There must be hundreds of teams around the country who I have met who would love a chance to go on the show but know they might be too good and never will ever get picked


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Tis a puzzle.
Why not give those that apply a chance...those that find the questions taxing are building up a pile of cash for better teams. I have to say that Jeremy Vine and his tedious whining voice would put me right off...he just ruins the programme.
Poor whining Jeremy, whatever you do don’t point a finger at him. I like his brother Tim.
I often say to wife that half of these teams don’t even have basic knowledge of some of these subjects.Don’t get me started on Jeremy Vine.By the way I like Tim as well.
I like Jeremy Vine. I think he makes the programme jolly.

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Eggheads Friday-Another Useless Team

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