Help me with film title!

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~max~ | 00:16 Thu 11th Dec 2008 | Film
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Hi! For some reason, I remembered a movie I watched a few years ago, and now it's driving me crazy....
It's about a family that goes sailing for a holiday, when the boat sinks during a storm (I think). They end up stranded on a shore during winter, with no food, drink or warm clothes.
They build a raft, and the father and son go in search of help, leaving the two daughters there. When they come back a long time afterwards, they expect the girls to be dead from the cold and hunger, but they have survived....


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titanic2 the return?

d t h?????
Could it be this one max

THe sea gypsies
A man and his two daughters set out to sail around the world, but shipwreck on the Alaskan coast.

Hi Max :-) I know the one you're talking about,I saw it a ccouple of years ago myself. I think it was one of those made for telly movies,that are based on true events. Cant remember exactly who was in it,but,i'm gonna have a look around.
I know the film you mean Max but I cant remember the title.
Something like the long walk, I think.
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Very similar, Squitty! But I think it was more recent than that....
Unless I'm mistaken! It would help if I could see some pics of the movie...Can't find any.
Anything To Survive (1990).

Starring Matt LeBlanc (Friends) & Robert Conrad.
That could be it.
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Yessss! I think that's the one Fanriffic! Thank you!
Anything to Survive with matt Le Blanc! It's always on True Movies! I thought I was the only one who watched these films....

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