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Booldawg | 09:54 Thu 11th Oct 2007 | Film
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Saw it last night. Not sure how it managed to recieve good reviews from film critics. If you're going to make a film about the gritty reality of early 80s England then at least make it beleivable.

It was supposed to be 1983 yet the Falklands war was still going on! The love match between shaun who was 12 and his girlfriend of 16 who towered above him by a clear 2 ft was laughable. Casting the actor who played Tommy in Snatch as the lead villain was a bad move - he's not that an imposing charachter. What was going on with that man with the bald head and beard - he looked more like an american biker! The cherry on the cake was that man with the flat cap and glasses, when I first saw him on screen I thought he was one of the skinheads dad! He had about 2 lines in the whole film! Unbeleivable!


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Plus the skinhead movement had all but died out by 1983.

Yeah, when I was 12 I got loads of older girls after me...

And why is an NF thug driving a Japanese car??!
Soundtrack was ok, film was okay up to the middle and the ending was pants.
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the plot didnt really go anywhere. The scene with the main baddies love interest was totally pointless and wasnt built upon. Wouldve been a different ball-game if the job had been given to Nick Love.
i had waited along time to watch this film and when i saw it i thought it was quite good, good enough to watch it a second time only thing that lets it down same as most films is the ending, thumbs up
i enjoyed it. Sometime you have to ignore the little inconsistencies (flaklands, little boy and big girl etc etc)
i was disappointed by it, yet i love all of shane meadows other films. i had high expectations for this film, and thought it was poor compared to dead mans shoes especially.
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This is England

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