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Should I Feel Bad For Slightly Exaggerating To The 911 Dispatch?

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Cindy1302 | 05:01 Wed 01st May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I work for a commercial cleaning company and one of the places I clean has big windows so I can see the parking lot outside. It's a shopping center with a lot of different stores. Last week this homeless lady tried opening the door but failed because it was locked, then she started looking through the windows for like 20 mins. Then she climbed on top of someone's car, walked around on the roof, then jumped off. Fast forward to a couple of hours ago. I was cleaning, and the same lady showed up. She was just hanging around for a little bit. There was a lady walking into one of the stores, and this lady raises her voice at her, then gets in her face and screams at her at the top of her lungs. I'm guessing she asked her for money, and she said no. The other lady just walked away and into the store. Then this lady was yelling at people across the parking lot, and asking if she could have 2 dollars. I decided to call 911, because I didn't want it to escalate to something terrible. I told dispatch that there is a lady asking people for money, and screaming in peoples faces. This us what I feel guilty about. I said she was screaming in people's faces, but she only screamed in one person's face. I didnt even realize I was exaggerating at the time. I guess my mind subconsciously did it,because I felt I wouldn't be taken as seriously. Like 5 mins later a sherrif shows. Up. Takes the beer from her hand and hand cuffed her, and put her in his cruiser. Then Like 3 more officers showed up, and was talking to bystanders. I asked 3 people im close to about this, and they said I shouldn't feel bad at all, and that i did the right thing. What do you think?


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Why are you always looking for trouble?

Question Author

I wasn't. She was harassing people for money. 

You should have more confidence in your own decisions instead of seeking validation from strangers continually.

The people being harassed could have called the police, or the shop staff or security.

Maybe the people being shouted at weren't too bothered by her.

It is not your job to report everything you perceive to be wrong to the police, their bosses, their family or anyone. 

Why do you carry this burden of responsibility and why are you so quick to judge?


who was doing the cleaning while you were gawping out of the window?

Question Author

You all seem to think that I'm just looking for trouble or being judgmental. If that's the case, then why was she arrested?

Maybe you did the right thing, maybe someone else also reported to police. It's not always about YOU! 

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She was probably arrested because she was drunk in public. Were you right in calling 911 possibly. She probably got to sleep it off in a police cell and not a doorway. What's done is done. You can either dwell on this or carry on posting the misdeeds you perceive others are committing to a group of people in another country. Why not get a life

You do seem to spend a lot of time minding other people;s business.  

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