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Kiwi the 1st | 00:55 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Film
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What is the most gory film you've ever seen, for me it has to be Day of the Dead (1985)


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Bambi, when the mother takes a slug to the heart! lol

I greatly dislike gory films, especially those that are fd up showing torture or rape etc.

But I guess Bad Taste was pretty gory... or even Saving Private Ryan (not to be confused with Shaving Ryans Privates)
Cannibal Holocaust was bad. In fact it was so realistic that the director was on the verge of prosecution for making what everyone thought was a "snuff" film that he had to take the actors (who had all signed a contract to go into hiding for a year to add realism to the film) to court to prove that they were still alive!
Brain Dead
mine is saw and hostel yukkkk!!!
Ghost Ship
agree with ' hostel ' and also the ' devil's rejects: house of a thousand corpses2 ' both some very sick and twisted sh1t.

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Gory Films

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