How Do I Force Amazon To Deal Properly With A Complaint?

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AndiFlatland | 03:53 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Law
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I am getting extremely angry with Amazon, who are not enabling me to resolve a complaint about the treatment I've had from one of their marketplace sellers. The seller seems to think that they are above the law on describing items for sale via Amazon truthfully.

The argument has now been going on since the end of July. I ordered three hand towels on 20th July, at the price shown on the page, £9.84. When the parcel arrived a few days later, there was only one towel enclosed. I immediately contacted the seller, who sent me a curt response saying 'Sorry about that. The order was for one towel only'. I replied with an angry message, pointing out that in the picture on Amazon's page, it appeared as a bundle of three towels, not one. Nowhere on the page did it say anything about it being for only one towel, and I demanded that they send me the missing two towels. After getting nowhere with more messages, to which the response was the same generic cut-and-paste nonsense each time, I finally tried contacting Amazon's customer service - which was not in itself easy. I finally managed to find a number by asking on Google.

I spoke to a person in one of their far-flung call centres, who seemed to understand, and told me he would get it sorted out for me, by making a complaint directly to the seller. But a couple of days later, I just got another e-mail from the seller, with the same casually repeated message. Once again, I called customer service, and spoke to a very helpful young woman, who again understood the problem, and promised to get it resolved. And the result of that? Once more, the same couldn't-give-a-damn response from the seller, who just told me this time to send it back for a refund - no offer to even pay for the return postage.

Again, about a week ago, I decided to have another go at sorting out the problem by getting the seller to send me the two missing towels. I spent about half an hour on the phone to another far away young lady from Amazon (she was in Jamaica), who again promised to resolve the problem to my satisfaction... but yet again, I just got another curt response from the seller, again telling me to send it back for a refund.

This is not what I want. There are good reasons why I wanted these three towels specifically, as they were offered as small prizes in a competition back before the Covid lockdown, and I refuse to go back on my word with the three winners.

I have now left a VERY angry review on Amazon, which I was assured the seller would see - and yet, so far, not a word in response. If anybody wants to read that message, you will find it here:

I am at the end of my tether with this relatively small matter, and I have mentioned it to my lawyer, who is considering what more he can do - but isn't hopeful that he has any better advice to offer.

So what else can I do? Surely Amazon are bound by law to ensure that their sellers list their products on the site truthfully, and not only not lead buyers into a blatant con, but when complaints are received, to deal with those complaints fairly and without argument, when the seller is clearly at fault. Had I realised at the start that in order to get the three items I believed I would be getting, I would end up having to stump up three times the advertised price, I simply would not have bothered. I am not the only person to have made this complaint - others have been similarly fobbed off with the same nonsense. I seem to be the only one who is actively trying to get it sorted out to my satsifaction. Some don't even seem to have noticed that their orders were two-thirds short.

I appreciate it's no huge deal - but that's not the point. You don't advertise that the offer is for three, and then only send one - and argue forever that it's only one. Simple as that.


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The reviews of the towels state several times that there is only one towel, not three. Alway read the reviews before purchasing. Buyer beware. Your anger is understandable, but in perspective you’ve let this obsess you. Forget the principle, forget the money, really, just move on it’s not worth upsetting yourself over.

It's under a £10, for goodness sake, given what David S has said just let it go,
It is described as towel, not towels. You can't rely on the picture alone when you buy online. Nowhere does it say 3 towels
If it does not say 3 towels I would suggest that the mistake is entirely yours.
Unless the seller has changed the title, it is there on the page that it refers to towel, singular. Although I'd agree that the picture is misleading and the seller reprimanded for using it, nevertheless, it seems to be a misunderstanding. The refund is probably your best option unless you are feeling obliged to use those specific towels as the prizes. I understand your anger, but in any case your efforts to get two more without further cost is probably costing you more than a couple of towels would. Pragmatically I'd advise cutting your losses and go with one of the only two options left. Put it and the stress it's causing into the past.
I have just checked and from the advert:- New (3) from £9.84 + FREE Shipping, which, IMO, makes this a legimate complaint.
Link to the advert, please, danny, as the link I followed does not state 3
Isn't that 3 other sellers selling this ?
The 3 tells you there are only 3 left in stock - it does not refer to the number of items. Compare with this: User Recommendation
Ah - I've seen what you are looking at. That New (3) from £9.84 refers to the number of sellers selling that item. If you click on it opens a panel showing two more sellers selling the towel at different prices and shipping options
danny- if you look at other items it sometimes says (3) in the same place- it refers to the number of options regarding delivery etc. Its misleading a know but its amazon site that shows it this way for sellers
Sorry, I obviously misread it, but the buyer could very easily have thought that the offer was for three towels, as I did.
That is the standard Amazon layout and not something the seller has inserted in the ad.
Send it back and shop elsewhere.
That's what she should have done straight away - she would have been entitled to a full refund. It is far too late to do that now
The item's title says "A&R Towels Print-Me Hand Towel, Lime Green, One Size " - "A&R Towels" - name of the seller - "Print-Me Hand Towel, Lime Green, One Size" - what they are selling, singular. You're having a hissy fit because you failed to read the title. I agree it's not as clear as it could have been and yes, they use a stack of towels in the picture, but chill out, not worth going to war over a Tenner! and you got a towel anyway!
What did it say on the receipt from Amazon that you received just after you paid?
Would if not have been a better idea to wait for the arrival of the items before offering them as prizes?

What would you have done for prizes had three arrived but they were poor quality?
Ah, the old picture trick. Unless the description specifically states something like,"See picture for condition, etc." then there is little you can do.

I agree that Amazon are wrong to condone such illusions, but since when have they shown any ethical behaviour.
Blimey. “...I have mentioned it to my lawyer, who is considering what more he can do - but isn't hopeful that he has any better advice to offer.”


You are seriously incurring silly legal costs over a thing which at most cost less than a tenner?

You must be having a laugh.

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