Why Is Precedent Important?

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wajid00222 | 14:35 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Law
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Why is precedent important?


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Homework jobby?
looks like a job for the spam wreckers....
if so one would hope they can do their own
If you have to ask, I'd suggest that Law is not your subject.
if it is o level law
the read Chap 1 of the set book - is this your wajeeb(*) hur hur hur

if it is to compare islamic law with english common law
then you are going to have to re read how muftis decide cases and whether they do use cases that have come before

napoleonic law ( o god knows ) have principles which the judges recite and then say and "we have decided this....
There is a bit of 'you decided this last week and so this week you must decide the same today ...." but not much

there you are three legal systems - if you are doing CSE law you only need the first para

(*) wajeeb is the classical word for duty but is used commonly for prep or homework
I dont mind doing a few cases
but - "precedent - a good thing"
isnt one of them

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Why Is Precedent Important?

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