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thesshhh | 21:55 Tue 11th Dec 2018 | Law
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If a council planning dept didn’t seek your say on an application for a neighbour’s extension which involves new windows looking right into your property, is there anything you can do once the building work is completed?


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Don't think so if they have planning consent or they are within limited extension rules.n
as far as i know, planning applications are open for anyone to have their say on
I suggest you enquire at the relevant council (or have you done so already?) who should be able to answer your query (but don't hold your breath). But, as Tony says, if they're within limited extension rules you may be unable to do anything.
We're having trouble with a neighbour who's not doing exactly what he said he would to minimise disruption to us. We've complained to the planning dept, but they say there's no right of appeal available to us.
If the extension conforms to all of the requirements here then no planning permission was required anyway (unless, say, the property is in a conservation area) as it's a 'permitted development':

Larger extensions though need to go through the Neighbour Consultation Scheme:

If the relevant council failed to use that scheme (when, due to the size of the extension, it was legally required to do so), or if planning permission was actually required and the council failed to notify one or more interested parties, then you can seek judicial review of the way that they handled things (for which you'll certainly need the services of a solicitor or barrister and for which you'll probably need a big bank balance).
I think the .... window of opportunity has closed on this one

occurs relatively commonly

the council has powers to revoke planning permission but are then open to a claim for the built up value minus un built property value
and so never do

There is no obligation on the council to contact you. A notice is put up giving details of the application (description and a reference number) which you can then use to search on the council's website and make comment prior to approval being granted. I'm afraid there's absolutely nothing you can do at this stage.

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