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What Is The Best Place To Draft A Last Will?

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savvy_sue | 10:21 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Law
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I've been pondering over the best place to draft my Last Will. Drafting a Last Will is a crucial step in planning for the future, and I want to make sure I choose the right service that combines ease of use, reliability, and comprehensive support.

I've come across a few companies that have caught my attention: Farewill, Octopus Legacy, and a newcomer, Aatos. Each seems to offer something unique in the way of services and customer experience.

Has anyone had any experience with these companies? Or are there other services out there that you would recommend? I'm particularly interested in hearing about the quality of the service, ease of use, and the level of support provided throughout the process.

Thank you in advance for your insights!



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History suggests that using 'specialist' companies can result in a less than satisfactory result.

Use a lawyer, or, of course, supply a link to your own fave.

I wouldn't use any of them.  I would only use a solicitor who specialises in Wills and Trusts

^I agree.  Get a reputable solicitor.

Come on this is spam  and free advertising zap it somone

No evidence of spamming.  

Paragraph three


We can read, AuntyPoll.   

That's a relief 😂

 I would only use a solicitor who specialises in Wills and Trusts.

agreed, I wondered if it were spam... after all you only do a will once, and it is hardly a subject a solictor is gonna say

wow that is a hard one, I will ask one of my friends

aatos is on line and 99 quid which I wd rate as expensive

I got my done through a Solicitor about 25 years ago.  Just been thinking recently that it is time I updated it and get a Power of Attorney drawn up at the same time.

Save your efforts ABers. Hope savvy_sue made her will, because she's popped her clogs, well has gone 'User_Inactive'.

so we can;t say 'foo!' to Savvy Sue ! pity

I would say this is free advertising too.

How do you know which will be your last will ?

Not planning something I hope !

Why would you penny-pinch over an important document which decides the fate of your millions of pounds and your thousands of loved ones? It will usually be cheaper than a night out wining and dining.

Didn't expect this to still be here. You still think it isn't spam Barry?

No, I don't.  No links, no recommendations. No multiple posts.

Over the last few days I've mentioned several companies, quite a few appliances and I've probably posted links. I haven't posted spam.

There again, you didn't post it on your first day, then leave.

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What Is The Best Place To Draft A Last Will?

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