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langara | 14:24 Thu 08th Mar 2018 | Law
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has anyone done probate online


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If you mean here:-

no, never done it, but it looks easy.

DO NOT use any other links. They are largely charlatans...........
The online system has only been in place for 6 months and only available to personal applicants (rather than solicitors), so there will only be a few people who've used it.

However I found the the paper system remarkably simple and I'd expect the online one to be even easier. (That's based upon the way that HMRC used technology to make online tax returns a zillion times easier than paper ones. If HMCTS have done the same with the probate process it should now be an absolute doddle).
blimey, if it's anything like, say, the JSA website it'll be easier to to in on paper
I did the paper one and it was straightforward
Yes, I used it last year. I found it quite straightforward and when I needed help or answers to questions the staff at the end of the telephone were very helpful.
My sister did it so it must be easy and it went through quicker than I expected

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