More Information on Media Jobs

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More Information on Media Jobs
If you have a passion for media and want to make a career in the industry you’re going to need to be hard-working, flexible and passionate. Most companies taking on interns will recruit from universities, so a degree is essential f you’re looking to take your first steps on the media ladder.

PR Manager

As a PR manager you will handle your employer’s press releases and deal with all things involving company image. Your tasks will vary greatly depending on what kind of field you work in, for example - those working for an advertising company may oversee image representation throughout a number of projects.

Radio Presenter

Many consider becoming a radio presenter a dream job. Playing your favourite tunes and chatting to celebrities would be most people’s cup of tea, but getting to that position takes hard work, a little bit of luck and a lot of personality. Starting out in the business can be difficult but major media corporations like Channel 4, the BBC and ITV all have schemes running to help you on your way.

TV Presenter

A tough industry to break into, television is still a growing medium with hundreds of new jobs cropping up all the time. Obviously, if you want to earn top money in this cut-throat industry you will need bags of personality, talent and many years experience working your way up the television ladder.

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