What Will Our Era Be Called?

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joko | 23:23 Mon 06th Jun 2022 | How it Works
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As Stephen Fry said at the jubilee, we are all 'Elizabethans', but since there is already an Elizabethan period in history, how will people refer to this period of history, hundreds of years in the future?
There are not many eras we actually refer to in that way - Victorian, Edwardian, etc

Why don't we say Henrian rather than Tudor or Jamesian rather than Jacobean?

Will it be Windsorian?

How does this kind of thing work?

Thanks :)


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Fingers crossed for Pre-Republican.
New Elizabethan, Modern Elizabethan, Second Elizabethan?
Lillibetan ?

Followed by Camillan ;-)
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cant really call it modern or new in 100s of years time though.

second would work
Sorry gg, crossed posts.
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Jacobean is Jamesian - Jacobus is the Latin version of James.

The further back into the past they get, the fuzzier the boundaries are. I suspect in another 100 years nobody will be quite sure what Edwardian meant.

Some people call 18830-37 Wilhelmine (William IV, who came between the Georges and Victoria) but few know what it means anymore.
I don't think we're any further on Joko.
"cant really call it modern or new in 100s of years time though."

"New" and "Modern" distinguish it from the "Old" Elizabethan in the same way that there is no new world now but there are New World monkeys and Old World monkeys still.
The Unenlightenment
We'll be known as the era that could have saved the earth but preferred personal riches.
The silicon age
The King Charles eras are called Carolean Eras, from Carolus (Latin for Charles).
Since the Latin for William is Gulielmus, when William comes to the throne will it be the Gullible era?
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Maydup - Hahaha, well you know, its been on my mind all this time :D

I dont remember that post :D

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What Will Our Era Be Called?

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