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Thisoldbird | 12:33 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | How it Works
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Hi can anyone help please..

I have 2 brand new 45ah batteries on my mobility scooter..they have to be charged 16 hours before use.

Until I have my own outside socket, I'm having to plug into a neighbours garage socket, at her suggestion. I will of course reimburse her.

Can anyone work out approx how much this extra long charge could be. I would hate to under pay..

I'm always amazed st the knowledge some of you have on this group..


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Have a look at the charger to check the wattage rating.
It will probably be less than 100 watts, so a 10 charge would cost one unit at say 15 pence.
here's how to work it out but I wouldn't bother just give her a lady godiva, that's more than cover it.
It's only £6.45 for a Nissan leaf!
A Christmas tub of chocolates should cover it.
I suppose it depends on how long you're going to do it for (not the duration of charge but the amount of charges) if its going to be a few days before you get your power installed, I agree, if it's going to be weeks/months and you need to keep them onside and you are charging it everyday (for example) a box of chocs wont cover it
As I said, the best and only sure way is to determine the wattage rating of the charger. Multiply that by the total number of hours.

Whatever the final number it is, divide it by 1000 to determine how many killowat hours have been used. Then multiply that very low number by 15 pence.

Would be interesting to know the charger wattage rating.
Should have said a 10 hour charge earlier.
Do you have a smart meter? If so note the reading before you plug in and after it is charged up.
but that would assume nothing else is being used :)
My best guess would be a 16 hour charge uses about one and a half units, say 22 pence.
Bednobs //but that would assume nothing else is being used :)//
Only if something else was switched on after taking the first reading.
Avatar Image bednobsbut that would assume nothing else is being used :)14:31 Thu 22nd Oct 2020

Quite so, imagine having the dishwasher on, tumble dryer, washing machine.
Fridge, TV, lights, odd brew, computers.
at the moment, my computer is plugged in im charging my phone, frigde and feezer is plugged in, tv on, clock radio on, micro plugged in, just about to make a cuppa
OK, a smart meter should also show the unit rate per hour.
"do you have a smart meter?"
More to the point....does the neighbour have a smart meter?
Struggling to find the wattage rating of A scooter battery charger.

Must be in the region of 100 watts.
The unit rate must be in the region of 11 to 15 pence, approx.
I suspect the wattage rating of a scooter battery charger is so small, it is not described.
There is no point in finding out the precise amount it will cost. It is so little you would never dream of handing it over as an offering. A nice packet of biscuits will more than cover it.. It would also look better than putting 3p in an envelope and handing that over.
The scooter in question comes as standard with an 8 amp charger.The charger is fully automatic and will put in the power when needed and reduce it as the charge nears completion. It has a 24 volt output. My guess is going by Sparkys figures we are talking 3p.
Perhaps there is no need to even take a packet of biscuits.. 8-)
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Thanks everyone, neighbour adamant she isn't taking anything..I will get her some flowers I know she would prefer to chocs. She is also a friend of over 60 yrs.

I didn't want to run her bill up if it was going to be too much. ..I will have my own outside power socket ready for future use.

Thanks again.

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