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naomi24 | 14:22 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | How it Works
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I've looked on Amazon for a jigsaw mat but there are quite a few and it's all as clear as mud to me so I've no idea which are good and which are not. I don't even know how these things work - I stopped looking when I kept reading something abut 'inflatable' - what's that all about? Any advice or, better still, recommendations will be gratefully received. The jigsaw is 1000 pieces. Many thanks.


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There are essentially two different sorts of puzzle mat/board, one is rigid and opens up like a large book with two covers and allows you to place it on a table smaller than the puzzle User Recommendation Essentially pick whichever suits you best, if you have a table big enough go for one larger than you currently need as if you're anything like SWMBO 1000 pieces was only the start :-)
That's annoying, it nuked my example of the board type User Recommendation
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Fitzer, I was thinking of one that rolls up so you can put the whole thing away in a cupboard. I don't know what SWMBO is.
you can put the foldy ones under a sideboard, sofa, bed etc
ps swmbo = she who must be obeyed
Oh Fitzer, just say Naomi if you mean Naomi !
I always had problems with the roll up one. The folding board one is good
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I would really like one that I can put away in a cupboard.

OG, was that necessary?
I bought one from The Works. It rolls up and is then stored in a cardboard tube. I haven’t tried it yet but 2 out of 3 reviews were ok.
The inflatable roll is to stop pieces being damaged where the roll is tightest. The Jacques ones are ok I have seen them used in the hospital where dayroom tables need to be cleared quickly for meals. I agree get bigger than you would expect to use, just having extra space to sort pieces makes it much easier.
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Thanks for your answers everyone.
I've got one of the two sided zip up ones which means you can have 2 puzzles on the go at the same time. It has two boards inside which hold the puzzles in place when it is closed and they can be used for sorting pieces on when open and in use. Once zipped up it is only a couple of inches wide and slots in behind one of the settees easily. Goes flat on the bottom of the car boot when we go on holiday and takes up no room at all.

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