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Can Anyone Recommend A Plant Or Small Bush…

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Gromit | 11:48 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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for a gloomy outdoor corner?

It is sheltered but doesn't get direct sunlight. Previous occupant was a Camelia which was happy there. I want a replacement for a large pot.





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Fuschia might be an idea

Nettles seem to grow well in them conditions

Fuschias lose their foliage in winter.

We've had a variegated holly in a shady corner for many years now. It's planted in the garden bed but has hardly grown at all. It's evergreen and with the variegated leaves it's nice and bright all year round. I think because ours has hardly grown you should get away with pot-growing one.

try a hosta, they love shade:

We have one, regens every year.

Have a look here at the many different geraniums you can plant in shade.


Question Author

Many thanks for your replies.

I have Fuschias and Gerainiums already. Think I'll look for a Hoster.

Acuba, may lose some of its variation but should keep enough to brighten the space, or maybe a variegated ivy trained up a small obelisk.  Any of the small leaved euonymus, or maybe a nandina, or pieris

Warning - slugs love Hostas.

yep canary is correct, with a hosta put it in a pot and stick rough sandpaper around the base of the pot the slugs can't get over that.

Question Author

Thanks everybody x

Personally I'd look at some of the Hydrangea varieteies that actually prefer to be in the shade. 

Hostas are indeed absolutely famous for being destroyed by slugs and slug pellets I think are now banned so they are a bit of a pain to control. They don't grow tall either, not like a shrubs such as camelia.

Berberis is flowering beautifully just now in partial shade.

///Hostas are indeed absolutely famous for being destroyed by slugs ///

I occasionally visit West Dean Gardens and I am envious of their Hostas which are usually splendid (I haven't visited yet this year).  It looks as though they control the slugs by surrounding the growing beds by a wide strip of bark chippings (I can never find anyone to ask).

Sandpaper round pots sounds good, thanks TTT.

Azalea should do well, or you could try Bergenia  

this also works apparently they get little shocks from the slime on the copper....

just ordered some for my potted hosta....

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Can Anyone Recommend A Plant Or Small Bush…

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