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An Understairs Toilet

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JinnyJoan | 18:29 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Everybody I know if they want an understairs toilet they put it where the cloakroom is.  Cloakroom is removed and the parapharagailia with it and a wee toilet and hand wash is inserted.

I have been looking today at a variety of apartments (not actually looking) but enquiring on the phone etc etc.  I don't think until I see them they will please me.


I don't want the horrendous mess of inserting a toilet beneath the stairs and so I am wondering is there anyway I could put the toilet outstair in the garden in a shed - next to my shed of lawnmowers, and all the other garbage.  

Surely something could be done.  No don't care about a drop of rain on my head if I need to use OUTSTAIRS loo .  Surely all your brainwaves could come up with something.

Bednobs by the time I could use stairlift - probably would be too late.  HELP HELP HELP



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If you're still set on moving why bother  installing  an inside toilet. 

Saniflo toilets are good for under the stairs, my BIL had it put in very little mess

No reaon why not if you have the place and it's near enough to the water and sewer. Used to be the norm. You may have objectsions from other residents if it's an apartment in a block though.

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Andres - I am a very mixed up woman - don't know what I am doing.  Ok Red - I have a nephew/plumber - always busy - but when I see him I will ask him about Saniflo

you can rent stairlifts to see if you get on with them.  If you are unable to use the stairs, where are you going to sleep?

As a temporary stopgap, use a jug or bucket

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it is detached TTT

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I used a bucket in my last poor home - was glad of it

I think an outside loo maybe a mistake JJ, can you imagine the damage if you fall over in the damp? It might be hours before your found 

Awwh thanks Chris 

I've already posted a link to a general article explaining macerating toilets on jj's other 2 threads.

 It jinny wants it outside in the shed rather than indoors under the stairs

Question Author

Happy Release for the neighbours before I'm found.  Maybe Maxie might find me first.

My stairs are open-plan - not sure I'd like folk stairing down on me. (pun intended)

Sorry pasta I didn't realise 

17:36, ok but you seemed to be talking about "apartments" so I thought you were american in a block. You seem to have 2 ids jinnyjoan and jennyjoan. Yes you can plumb a loo in outside, used to be the norm.

^Should say  'But Jinny...'

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fao Red  - looked at your Saniflo - looked good but - do founds from the floor have to be dug out and walls dug out. could probably put a TV in there too!

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I do have jinny and jenny - I have said this before - my computer broke down and the lad put me think Jinny on the Ipad and Jenny on this computer.  I could probably change it but don't know how 

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An Understairs Toilet

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