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Under Stairs Ground Floor Tv

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jennyjoan | 18:09 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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I want to have the above but don't want the mess

My idea whilst not in the house would consider like a toilet in a shed in the garden    Anybody have any idea if it could be done


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Could you make your question a bit clearer please, JJ, because I'm totally lost so far!

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Outside toilet      wrong word sorry 

Did you mean tv or wc?

I'm still lost!

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Under stairs ground toilet.  

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Water closet.  WC 

Hi jj. Do you want a downstairs toilet?

So no TV....your title said TV

Sorry, just seen your post. Don't go to an outside shed jj. Lol.  Have any neighbours done this ?

i think jj needs a downstairs toilet, but doesnt wan the mess involved in building one under the stairs, and would therefore like it to be external.

Have you considered a stairlift instead?

Only a plumber can answer your question as it depends where the drains and water supplies run. Get a quote from a friendly local professional.

If Jenny doesn't know the difference between a TV and a WC, I'm glad that she doesn't work in Curry's 😊

I think jj would like to have a loo in the cupboard under the stairs. That could be done, but it depends on the existing plumbing - water supply pipes and more important the nearest connection to the foul drain.

jj; you'd need to ask a competent plumber about it. Best wishes and good luck.


Maydup has already said what I was trying to say.


I'm unclear as to what you want too.  I presume you want a toilet installed under the stairs with a TV to watch included, but no upheaval during installation.  Impossible IMHO.

Jj, ( don't shout at me) have you thought of downsizing for you and maxie ?

I wouldn't be without my outside loo.  All my neighbours got rid of theirs years ago but mine is staying.  

No reason why you couldn't put a compostable toilet in the garden - no water, no drainage.  Just a bagged waste to dispose of when necessary

If you got a mascerating toilet the pipework could be quite unobtrusive. How much mess depends on the location of the water & soil outlet in relation to where the toilet is sited.

Outside loo, that's an accident waiting to happen . 

Nothing better than a Ty Bach to escape the wife. Not so clever in Winter unless heated by a candle or oil lamp.  :-)

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