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An Understairs Toilet

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JinnyJoan | 18:29 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Everybody I know if they want an understairs toilet they put it where the cloakroom is.  Cloakroom is removed and the parapharagailia with it and a wee toilet and hand wash is inserted.

I have been looking today at a variety of apartments (not actually looking) but enquiring on the phone etc etc.  I don't think until I see them they will please me.


I don't want the horrendous mess of inserting a toilet beneath the stairs and so I am wondering is there anyway I could put the toilet outstair in the garden in a shed - next to my shed of lawnmowers, and all the other garbage.  

Surely something could be done.  No don't care about a drop of rain on my head if I need to use OUTSTAIRS loo .  Surely all your brainwaves could come up with something.

Bednobs by the time I could use stairlift - probably would be too late.  HELP HELP HELP



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You say that you are''' very mixed up woman''' at the moment. You need someone to sit down with you and then you can talk things through. Don't make any rash decisions at the moment. Has something happened recently to make you feel like this?

It's ok red...there's 3 posts after all...we are all over the place 🤔😉😊

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I don't want the muck and sh&&te  

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Jennyjoan think about what your plans are, it's not going to be cheap. If you are considering selling up and moving to a retirement complex there is no point. Equally so do you really want an outside loo? It's one thing to have an old loo outside because all your neighbours will have them but I am not sure your neighbours would appreciate a toilet in the garden.

If it's her garden the neighbours can't complain.  You don't normally need planning permission to put a large garden room with a toilet and shower in your garden, and you certainly wouldn't need it for a small outside loo.

I don't think jj wants an outside loo...she wants a loo that doesn't need plumbing in.

That's what I'd get in her position. 

Yes, a compost loo would be ideal

The link I left TWICE

I'm getting deja vu here 🤔🙄're%20looking%20to,toilets%20can%20be%20relocated%20easily.

JJ are you asking about having a downstairs toilet because you have difficulty going upstairs?

This puts me in mind of Mrs Brown - they have a loo under the stairs.  Is that what you want, JJ?

Would something like this fit the bill?>%20No%20Audience&utm_term=4583314273088338&utm_content=Marine%20Toilets

Jinny, you seem to be in a bit of a tizzy. I think you should concentrate on what you want most...a sheltered housing apartment or a downstairs loo.

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1516 - does that need water plumbed  - no Tilly - do probably come across in a Tizzy but am just fine.  


It will be one or the other - move to flat or move to number 2 LOL.  

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I think it would be hard for me to get housing as I would like one to be near where I live and so far what I have noticed I wouldn't be impressed.  

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An Understairs Toilet

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