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Fao The Man Himself Builder

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JinnyJoan | 19:14 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Can you give a wee answer Builder re TOILET - thanks you



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Just so thebuilder knows...there's 3 different threads.

Ah. It's the man himself, so it is 😄

I'll go and have a look.

Thanks Pasta. 

Firstly... you're right about the understairs loo. I have to say that it will be messy..............  with considerable upheaval. I always say that anything is possible in building... but at a cost. In your circumstances, I would advise you not to go there.

Digging up the floor to get to the drains/considerable faffing to fit an extractor fan/electrics/re-routing hot and cold supplies/even altering the door.

Small-bore waste (eg saniflow) would help. It's all do-able, but how far should you go?

Same considerations for fitting a WC in a shed. Even a 20mm Saniflow waste pipe has to go somewhere.......... AND it'll need a power supply and a cold water supply too.

Composting WCs are fine, but do you really want all the physical management of it?

Might I suggest a caravan-type 'cassette' toilet. It still needs a water supply, but the waste cassettes are just easily removed and emptied down a loo or drain.

That's for starters anyway  😊

Thanks builder.     But where will the toilet be

In the shed jj.

Thank you

Good old Builder.

Are the cassettes manageable if you can't get upstairs to put them down the loo?

Thanks Atheist. 😁

Someone  (1581960) has just put this up..........

It's a boat/caravan type of WC that I was talking about, but it doesn't appear to need a plumbed-in water supply. It looks like you can fill the tank from a bucket.

I feel obliged to go through all the technicalities with you, even though it must all be terribly confusing.

The last thing I want is to bully you into anything. I honestly don't think you're in the right state of mind to deal with all this right now. Go and relax and give it all a good bit of thought 😍


Is there not an Age Concern charity or some such in JJ's area where someone could go out and visit her and give her advice?


I honestly don't know, but they're carried around camping/caravan sites easily to get to the toilet block. I would guess it's manageable.

Builder. Is that you on the horn?

Emptying a cassette is not pleasant and they can be heavy.  

I didn't realise that Barry.

Atheist... yes it's me. Scary to think the picture must be 10 years old now. The horn's the same though...........  and the hair  😃

It's not just the bodily waste, it's the water and chemicals, too.

You can get cassettes with wheels and a long retractable handle 

Question Author

is there a smell - yuck

Yes, a horrible smell as you might imagine.  I've empty toilet cassettes hundreds of times.

How you feeling today, JJ?  Spring is round the corner, the days are stretching out.  I always feel more cheerful now that December and January are out of the way.

Question Author

Ach - seem old = seem old.

Saw two apartment blocks - they are bloody building these about 4 years - guess what - two building - with only 6 apartment (TTT) in them each.  


I have a guy coming at 1.00pm to estimate my house to sorta give me an idea of how much I can spend


It's a big decision, don't be hasty but it is sensible to gather as much information as you can

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