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JinnyJoan | 19:14 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Can you give a wee answer Builder re TOILET - thanks you



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Before considering expensive adaptations & other solutions which IMV you would struggle to manage physically it may be time to think about moving to more suitable accommodation.

e.g a single storey bungalow or flat (with lift access) in a sheltered housing complex.

It would be a big change and a lot of things to consider but it's probably something many of us will have to face as we get older.

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davebro - haven't a baldy where they are but may get advice from the estate agent

Phone adult social services at your counci.  Explain your problem and someone will come out and advise.  They will also advise on other things that can help.  They lend out a lot of things long term.

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cl  - have done all that and been to view two houses beside each other (new) - they are building them about 4 years.  Anyway 6 each apartments  - I will be two years looking for them LOL

Look up caravan loos on Amazon

JJ have a look at my link - it appears that they allow pets ;

Quite a few of these developments allow pets these days but there are a lot of rules.  One small dog would be OK.  We looked into it, but we wouldn't buy anything without a private garden and with 3 cats (one being ferral) and a dog it wouldn't work.  Some homes allow you to bring an existing pet but you can't replace it.  

Red is right you have to take your time and be absolutely sure it's what you want.

Red link doesn't work

This link should work, JJ

apologies as it worked for me - glad barry has sorted you though

Yours does work RH.  Just need to click on the word Abbeyfield at the top left of your link.

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