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Replacement Boiler

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Bazile | 20:37 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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We need to replace our Baxi combination boiler 

What makes of boiler(s) are  best efficient /reliable?




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I'd go for Vaillant, but there are others. The Europeans were the first into this sort of thing. I'm sure you'll get some first-hand views from others here.

My first Vaillant (sine 18) was like a Morris minor; you could get at all the bits, it didn't have a computer on board, and it would continue to work long after it had developed local problems (I must admit it didn't have a crank handle!). Nowadays, many probs involve a new pc board, and you will be lucky to find an intelligent and conscientious engineer (they do exist).

My SIL got a superduper German thing but it has to be installed and maintained by trained German mechanics and has smart this and that, so the room stat needs a (uni) degree to adjust it and usually a smart phone to turn it on and off even when you're away from the house (I can't be doin' with all that!)

Whenever similar questions have come up in the past, it always seems to be the Worcester Bosch range that gets the most praise.  That still seems to be the trend:

I've had my Worcester Bosch for 17yrs and have only ever had 1 problem with it which was covered by the insurance I have on it.

If I ever need to replace it, I would definitely get another Worcester Bosch.

Just to add my two cents worth. Have a look at my and Hymie's posts here Baz...

^^^That thread was about a system boiler, but I'd say the same about combis.

Had a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar fitted last year, and it's been excellent so far. (touch wood).   Incredibly quiet - I sometimes have to go upstairs to check it's running!

Bazile Sorry to butt in but I would like to ask The Builder a question if that is ok. As I mentioned earlier, I've had my Worcester Bosch for at least 17 yrs. I'm sure replacing it with a new one might be more efficient and would cost me less to insure. I wonder if I could have your view on that and do you have a rough idea of how much it would cost to replace the old with the new? It would be going in the same place. Thanks.

Baz. I'm sure you won't mind me answering Barsel.

Barsel: things have progressed a lot in 17 years. In my reply to foxyferret that I made in my link at 12:55, I argued that because boilers are so much more reliable these days, I would tend to concentrate more on getting a good installer. In your case I would say that you're not likely to go wrong by starting here.....;gclid=CjwKCAiAjfyqBhAsEiwA-UdzJDOHDQI6WWo5lm3lmbAH50a3xA9CAu46MXN-AYtZNLU5ErTryGD8AxoCd8wQAvD_BwE

Thank you Baz for letting me butt in and thank you the builder for the link, I will have a read of that.

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Thanks all 

No probs , Barsel


Cheers Baz.

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Would you include Baxi in you list of big names ?

Don't know much about them Baz. Well, except for the old days of a back-boiler and a shovelful of coal 😋

According to this, they're still popular though...,much%20you'd%20be%20paying.

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Thanks TB 

Baxi doesn't seem to be highly rated by the reviewers in your link - or am I reading it incorrectly ?

We've had a boiler chap come round , who said he would recommend baxi's as,they are offering a 10 year warranty .

Would you go with the Baxi on that basis ?


If you use a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and have a Greenstar system filter fitted, then they offer a 10 year guarantee.

I find this a tuf one to answer all installer favor different ones, some tend to recomend the ones they like it install, nomally because they are easy, dont ask me to explaine (easy) OR they just tend to stick to one brand, or two. Maybe because they get a good trade price???? Some tend to recomend a boiler with a stainless steel exchanger. Well thats my input apart from my WBGreenstar now 15years old still going.

Builder is right about the installer, some of them just throw them in, get paid and run for the hills. It needs to be set up right. How do you know there a good installer thats the problem? Maybe dont go for these companies that advertise national fitting, they will just have anyone in your area that they can pay peanuts too, throw it in in a day and *** off.

Baz, yes they do recommend the Worcester over the Baxi. The Worcester is probably a sure thing as it's more expensive, but Baxi gives a 10 year warranty too, so that shows their confidence in their product.

I'll reiterate my comments about the importance of the installer. If your man has experience of Baxis and strikes you as being confident in fitting them, then I don't think you would go far wrong.

If I remember correctly, when I replaced my boiler with a Bosch, the second oe recommended on the Which list was a Vaillant?  I would check those out especially as an electrician who lives in the same block of flats as me replaced his boiler with a Vaillant.

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