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Cost Of Boiler Replacement

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woofgang | 15:19 Thu 14th Jul 2016 | Home & Garden
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I know this is a piece of string question but can anybody give me a feel for what a replacement boiler should cost, parts and labour, standard gravity fed condensing, no bells and whistles, 4 bedroom house, south of the UK.

I have had an offer from British Gas where they GIVE you the boiler and just charge for the installation but it feels a bit too good to be true. Before I proceed I want to get a feel for what the cost should be and am I really getting a free (or even heavily discounted) boiler. The brand supplied would be a Bosch Worcester.

many thanks


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Can't answer your question from experience Woofie but has 'Which' magazine maybe done an investigation on boilers. I believe you can access their findings on line for a very modest fee. Sorry can't be more help.
I used to work for a plumber but it was a few years back now. The standard Worcester Bosch installed was approx £1,600. That price could have gone up or down since though.
give them a phone and find out.
Boilers, I believe, can cost in excess of £750

Paid £1800. to fit a new Bosch Worcester in one of our rentals a couple of months ago, haggled down from £2200.
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alba, yes I intend to follow it up but need a benchmark against which to set their quote for is the boiler really free...or even discounted?

Baldric can i ask what the KW of the boiler that you fitted was please?

Sorry woof, can't remember, and the details/handbook are in the property, and it's not given on the receipt. It was in a 3 bed house.
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so supply and fit for 1800? that’s really helpful Balders. Can I ask about any guarantee you got with it please? This deal includes 5 years parts and labour.

Same with ours woof.
oh my, - that reply of mine sounded rather sharp - wasn't meant to be, sorry.

Do hope you get a good deal tho Woofy xx
We paid £1,800 12 months ago for a Baxi Platinum HEA 33 to be installed. It came with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee. We are more than happy with it.

However, you won't get a gravity fed condensing boiler nowadays.

Just given the tenant a call, 30KW apparently.
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That’s so kind Balders! I ballparked mine at 40 kw because its quite a big house....feel like I am getting somewhere now

Alba :)
Had a quote from BG about five years ago. I thought they were having a laugh. Would not give me the price of the boiler, said it was a package. There are internet sites that sell boilers cheap. Get an installation quote from a reputable local "Gas Safe' man. Ensure he is licenced for boilers. Also ring Gas Safe to make sure. ps forget about 'government help'. It only works if you are on benefits/low income or whatever.
British Gas quote - £2,300 (5 year waranty)
Local accredited Bosch installer - £1,700 (7 year warranty)
Put in your post code here to find your nearest accreditted installer.
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Thanks all. Change of plan. I can’t have a condensing boiler without trashing my comparatively new it will be a not in the like my momma told me.....anyway thank you for all your answers :)

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