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My Gtech Vacuum

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Patsy33 | 18:09 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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Well after much consideration, I ordered this Gtech Multi vacuum, mainly fir stairs. Used it today and I'm very pleased with it so far. Got £38 off as it was Black Friday deal. 😃



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Happy you are pleased with it.  I've had mine a few years now, used several times a day, usually, and no problems

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That's good news, Barry. I can see my son & husband using it for their cars!

Hope yours continue to be good 😁

Is that the one where you need earplugs, or is that the Shark?

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No ear plugs, Hoppy. Not a Sherk either. 😁


The flexible hose attachment is great for vacuuming the bits out of the fridge and freezer drawers, all drawers in fact.

I do use it for the car, the mattresses and bases, the skirting and architrave, the bottom trench thing of open window frames, under the gas fire, the blerdy cobwebs....

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Goodness! You do use yours a lot Barry.. Your house must be spotless 😃

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Should have read Shark, Hoppy. 😆

I wish it were spotless, we are a clumsy, mucky lot.

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My Gtech Vacuum

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