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Boiler Replacement

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swaleman47 | 20:08 Sun 09th Jul 2017 | Home & Garden
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My daughter and husband have just moved house and they will be replacing the old boiler for a combi boiler. Now it's a fairly large 4 bed house and I have my doubts whether it will be sufficient also the pipe work is small bore but the plumber says he can connect up to the original pipes. They will have to decorate every room including kitchen and bathroom and on suite and also downstairs toilet so in my mind I would replace the pipe work to the rads or am I being to fussy ?


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It would appear that a good flush and suitable additive is recommended Swale.
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Thanks For that Togo, will sit back and bite my tongue and see the outcome
Haha Swale, I know where you are coming from. Mind you the cost of a re-pipe what with the price of copper and fittings, valves included, is not to be sniffed at.
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I'm not sure but I think they use plastic pipes where they are not seen and they intent to replace all skirting boards so could be hidden but as I said I will keep my thoughts to myself but I would have all new and finished with it, time will tell
Difficult call regarding the small bore pipework, swale. It was never very successful since it obviously takes only a small amount of sludge to bung things up. As the others have said, a good flush through, and it may well be Ok.

I know it's easy for me to say, but since the whole house is being decorated etc, then I would take this opportunity to run new 15mm pipework throughout.

At a guess, for a 4 bed house, I think I would go for at least a 35kw boiler. Oversize rather than undersize every time.

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Boiler Replacement

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