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Boiler Replacement Quote

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Frostygills | 00:07 Sat 22nd Mar 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi guys,

Could someone give me a indication if my quote for a boiler replacement is in the right ball park.

Work to be done:
Boiler replaced Worcester Condensing Greenstar 24ri
Re-route main gas pipe to 22mm
1050x450mm Part L1 vented Cylinder
New Pump and values
Create a two heating zone :
Add new valve
2 x Honeywell CM927 room stat
Honeywell ST 6100
Integral time clock
4 x Thermo valves
3yr parts and labour

�2,900, in Suffolk.



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Question Author
The guy asked if our rads heated up fully and gave off enough heat, I said that I thought so. So he said we wouldn't need new ones.

Oh, that's interesting about the hot water. We have a 4 bed house with 3 bathrooms and 2 showers. I mentioned to the guy that our hot water pressure wasn't great and he said replacing the pipe work around the cylinder and this boiler would sort that out.
Can't conceive of a reason why you'd want to change the rads unless they are really really old (and might be rusted through).
Hard to judge how much work is involved in rerouting the main gas pipe to 22mm - it might involve poking lots of holes. However the price looks several hundred on the high side to me.
go and get a second opinion.
Question Author
We have a mixture of old (no wafer bits in the middle) and new rads in the house. Last time we bled them the water was pretty clear.

The re-route of the gas pipe will be quite a bit of work cos the mains is under the stairs and and we have a tiled kitchen floor. So it's got to go round the house a bit.

We got a quote off BGas, they quoted a boiler replacement at �3,700, for a Worcester Greenstar 18ri, re-route the gas mains, 1x room stat and a powerflush. So this quote looked on the better side.

Cleversod - Can you explain what you mean by the 24ri not being great for hot water?
The Price is spot and very competatve, the best way for anyone to get a good idea of costs is to get a quote off British Gas an then knock aprox �800 off that so you're qoute is pretty good.

There is nothing wrong at all with the hot water side, I think cleversod has got confused thinking it is combination boiler you are having fitted in which case he would have been correct at only 24kw for a combi would be a struggle for hot water. But for you're vented system that is well big enough, infact an even bigger more powerful boiler than British Gas'es 18kw boiler they quoted to fit. So do not worry abou the hot water it will cope just fine.
Question Author
Thanks for the replies, and confirming. :)
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i'm not an installer but my friend is and he typically charges 2000 for a replacement boiler (vaiilant ectec) which is around the going price so i think 2900 with an unvented cylinder is an excelent price.
Question Author
Thanks all, that's good to know.

Today, I had my 3rd and final guy come round to quote. I don't actually have it yet it's in the post but the previous two said because our gas main pipe needed replacing because it's 15mm and new boilers require a 22mm pipe for pressure. The guy today, said this was nonsense and the new Vallaint he would install could utilise the existing 15mm pipe. Is this correct?
It is true that the Valliant boilers have a 15mm gas connection BUT Installation pipes should be fitted in accordance with BS 6891. Pipework from the meter to the boiler must be of an adequate size to provide the required safe volume of gas over the entire given length with a maximum working pressure loss of 1 mbar from the meter to the appliance and not impair other appliances you have also requiring gas.
Without seeing and measuring up the new boiler location and intended pipe run it is impossible to say if 15mm will be adequate. If you can prove that 15mm will deliver the required amount of gas at the rate intended for the appliance with no more than the permissable pressure loss of 1 mbar over the entire lenghth of the pipe run then it is not needed to upgrade. HOWEVER I DOUBT that it would surfice and would reccomend an upgrade to 22mm reducing it to 15mm within 1 meter of the boiler connection. But as i mention earlier if it can be proved not required and it does not affect other appliances then stick with the 15mm supply.
Any news yet ? I am interested in finding out the outcome to this thread, What have you decided to go for and has it been worked out if you do need to upgrade the pipework ???
Question Author
Hi Gasman, I saw your explanation re the pipe size, but was waiting for the quote to come through before replying (which came only yesterday!).

The guy who thought we wouldn't need to replace the pipe has quoted a Vaillant ecotec 428, new cylinder, new pump, room thermo and a powerflush 2yr parts labour at circa 3200.

Were swaying towards going with the guy in the first post, cheapest and seems to be doing more for the cash.

We also thought if this needs doing, then get it done now before we do the house up (moved semi recently).
Sounds like good sense to me just make sure you ask to see his CORGI I.D. card before you let him do any work. He will be happy to show it to you. The last quote you got regarding the valliant ecotec 428 is a good boiler but rated at 28kw is far to big for you're system and a waste of money both to buy and run. The ecotec 418 would be better suited.
I too would go with the guy in you're first post with his Worcester boiler he sounds like a geniune honest engineer who is not trying to rip you off with oversized boilers and inflated installation costs. But then again I would supply and install my own lol... Any how good luck and let us know how you get along.
Question Author
Hi Gasman, as always your opinion and advice is greatly appreciated.

I think the guy who quoted the Vaillant wanted to give us something similar to what we have now, but is it? We currently run a Glowworm space saver KFB 60.

I have since found out that the guy in the first post did one of our neighbours, they were pretty happy with the job, but they did say there clean up wasn't the best. On a whole was happy with the price and work carried out. So that sounds okay to me.
That takes me back, I remember ftting the spacesaver when i was an apprentice back in the 80's The KBF60 was a range rated boiler adjustable from 12kw to 18kw and had a burner injector marking of 60N, So nothing like the valliant ecotec 428, A lot of younger or inexperienced engineers see these older boilers and think the 60 means the power ie 60'000 BTUs or 28kw. they never knew it was the injector markings. So basically he was trying to give you like for like and failed miserably. I think he may have been a bit wet behind the ears so to speak lol.
Question Author
Ah, yes he was rabbling something about the 60 part but made little sense to me, I just thought do I really need to understand this?

Just going back to what you said about the ecotec 428 being a bit over kill at 28kw, does that mean the greenstar 24ri at 24kw is also a bit over kill too?
No i think it is just perfect for you're needs, go for it girl :-)
Hi, Are you still a Frostygill or are you now a Coseygill ???
Did you get the boiler done and what boiler did you get in the end if you did. Sorry to be nosey but i am. LOL
Question Author
Hiya GM,

We did go for the guy in the top post, but we haven't had it done as yet, booked for two weeks time. He had a months lead time and we couldn't have time off the beginning of May.

I'll post back a few days after install, if you want with my opinion.

Frosty (but maybe not for much longer :))

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