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Heated Airer

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mallyh | 13:19 Mon 25th Sep 2023 | Home & Garden
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does anyone have one of these if so does it dry well x



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I'll be watching this as I'd also like to know. I use hot radiators. 

I understand Aldi have got them either now or this Thursday. 

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that's what i was looking at in their brochure x

I haven't got one but my friend is extremely pleased with her Lakeland version which has a cover that acts like a tent.

If the Aldi one is similar with identical wattage I expect it would work just as well

Don't think you can compare the two Barry. Lakeland one costs £130 , Aldi one is £40 (without the cover)

I, too, have a Lakeland one with a cover. It's a total blessing during the winter months. 

The covers a bit of a pain to put on but the washing dries beautifully. I put as much as I can on hangers and fit it between hangers.


The last word should be rails!

@15.07. Thing is...Lakeland stuff is priced on the rather high side and Aldi stuff on the bargain- basement side. It doesn't mean that it's inferior.

I was looking at a £90 Aldi airer

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 thanks ,im off to get one on thursday x

I believe the on on sale this Thursday is the £40 one

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yes £39.99 x

I was looking at the wrong one, sorry

An alternative is to buy a dehumidifier to run by a plain airer.

More expensive, but reduces the risk of causing damp problems in the house.

Yes, I've got one - useful in Winter, works well without heater in summer.

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when it's bad weather  i have clothes on a  none heated airer with the window slighty open and get no damp problems x

Oh that's good Mallyh. In some older houses damp can be a real problem. We use a dehumidifier and pour a lot of water from the collection tank down the drain.

I have one but I'm not impressed.  The clothes dry where they touch the rails but the rest takes as long as on my non heated version which I keep in the conservatory.

 I now have a system where I first peg outside if the weather allows, or if not then it goes onto lines in the garage. If I need to finish off the drying a little quicker I will turn on the dehumidifier with the clothes on the indoor rack.

My missus works at Aldi and she managed to bag one of the Aldi ones when they were available last year.

We ended up taking it back after a few weeks and told them we hadn't used it (one of the other staff ended up buying it).

We had the same problem as Jazzyje - our clothes only dried where the clothes touched the rails, so we ended up having to constantly move the clothes about.  The cover didn't really help as well .... it just seemed to retain any moisture from the clothes, so maybe it would be better to use it without the cover, but keep the room aired or you'll get condensation problems??

My advice - don't bother wasting your money, like already mentioned, probably better to use a normal airer with a dehumidifier.

A relative also has the Lakeland one and really likes it.

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