Carbon Monoxide

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lilly1 | 10:52 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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Hello, does anyone know if, like i have bought a new build house should i have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in my kitchen by the boiler as there is not one at present. Any replies would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the links, a very small percentage of the population.
A small percentage isn’t ‘non existent’ tho is it, as you categorically stated, with an air of trying to be humorously dismissive.
how's the Blue Mountain Flyer going?

Can't make out what shoes anyone's wearing.
Don’t you mean ‘strewth ‘ ?
Lol...yeah...I missed an opportunity there!!
apologies for going off-topic, lilly1. You got some proper answers on the first page.
//I’m not sure anyone got out the bed the wrong side but someone is being rather silly in the face of lots of evidence which proves their statement that heating oil isn’t used in Aus.//

Just to clarify the mater "Zacs Master".

I never said heating oil is not used in OZ.

I said it "went out with button up shoes"

Learn to read or continue to "button your shoes"
Give over, mate. Your statement that it went out with button up shoes and steam trains was unequivocally meant to imply it was no longer used. I proved you wrong. Several times. I know you’re trying to save face, but you’re really just making yourself look even dafter.
Daft as I maybe, lot's of people love riding steam trains;-/

Save yourself from making wrong accusations.
Me making wrong accusations???

Haaaaaaa. You’re delusional. You’ve just agreed you were wrong about steam trains too. Is this some kind of Aussie ‘logic’?
Yep you're right.

I live in my own wonderful little world.

Delusional as it may seem.
Always sensible to have such a monitor: but the house works as a home without one.

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