New Sewing Machine Squeaking

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DarceyK123 | 23:38 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, its only a cheap one (£40 from Hobbycraft) as i just wanted to get some sewing practice.

But already its started squeaking while sewing, any ideas what could be wrong?
Any sugestions greatly appreciated.


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Oil the moving part of the treadle to start with:)
Darcey you any idea what's squeaking? Can you post make / model.
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Would it need oiling after only 3 weeks?

Tony, its Hobbycrafts own make, its called a midi.
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I think its the top bit where the lever goes up and down.
See if this is any help, Darcey.
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Thanks Tony, i will try that tomorrow.
Ok I'd just try a small amount of 3 in 1 oil, or light spray of WD 40.
Darcey these machines are built to a budget, and maybe some lubrication got left out in manufacturing process.
If that doesn't work maybe return for replacement or refund?

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New Sewing Machine Squeaking

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