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lilly1 | 10:52 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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Hello, does anyone know if, like i have bought a new build house should i have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in my kitchen by the boiler as there is not one at present. Any replies would be appreciated.


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where do you live?
a quick google search says if you are in scotland or NI you should have one (but doesnt specify it should be by the boiler)
I have got a freestanding one, not expensive, from amazon. Not sure what benefit getting one 'fitted' would have?
We got one free from BG.
i think that lilly is saying is should the house have been sold with one as it's a new build
Good idea.They are cheap and effective.
If your boiler is gas fired. I would think yes!
If it's electric, no, not an issue.
Or Oil fired, 1ozzy.
Yeah, you're right Zac's boss.

Down here oil heating went out along with button up shoes.

And steam trains ;-/
Find what ever link you want.

I haven't seen or relied on "nearly crude oil" for any form of heating whatever, or cooling since 1968

Generating electricity cold be another debate
you'd need to look at the new build building regs where you live and the spec for the house you are buying.
Like a link which proves you’re wrong, you mean. Ha. oil would still seem to be a current source of heating fuel, despite your claim to the contrary.
Ramble on with proof from what ever Googled site you find Zacs controller.
Just a point it is a good idea to have Carbon Monoxide detectors even with oil fired boilers. They can also produce carbon monoxide if not properly installed or maintained.
so who got out of bed the wrong side this morning then?

Here’s the current prices:

Here’s a link to BP’s Australian website:

Here’s a link to an Australian supplier:

Not much ‘rambling’ there, cobber.
Togo, yeah, that’s why I mentioned them.
Whom ever you think Woofgang.
I’m not sure anyone got out the bed the wrong side but someone is being rather silly in the face of lots of evidence which proves their statement that heating oil isn’t used in Aus.

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