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Lefty screens across the world were pebble dashed with South African peace muesli as one Donald J Trump was elected president. One of the impossible things joked about in earlier episodes of the Simpsons. MAGA!

Question Author

Well I thought this would have got more interest from the HWB.

You know what Thought did.

douglas - I haven't heard that one for a long time.

It turned out well didn't it.


Thought HWB was a Hot Water Bottle.



What/Who is "HWB"?


It turned out well didn't it.


Aye, thank god we are where we are right now. 

Good ole Joe.


-- answer removed --

I was commenting on the Trump presidency Roy, which was the subject of the question.

What's Biden got to do with it?

13.51, 21.48 & 21.53

As TTT has not replied, does anyone on here know what HWB refers to?

Not a clue.

something, something brigade?

Hans wringing?


Question Author

09:27 Hand Wringing Brigade.

I was right then!

Question Author

yes Tilly give yourself a pat on the back.

I have.😁

Thank you TTT, but I wonder what percentage of ABers would know that.

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On This Day In History........2016......

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