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johntheplamf | 21:29 Mon 22nd Jan 2007 | Gaming
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Is anyone actually fed up with all this, this console is better than that one stuff? I know most of the people on here are 360 fans, don't get me wrong, i have one, and won't be buying a PS3 for what is basically a few extra eclusive titles, but that doesn't give me the right to go bashing a console that i haven't even played yet. Don't get me wrong, the launch titles for the PS3 don't look overly inspiring, but think back to the launch of the 360 and truthfully that it was any better than what PS3 are putting together.
I read 4 different mags every month, all independant and unbiased, 2 of which are multi format, 1 a 360 mag and the other a PS2/3 mag and none of them have played games that are going to be available on both consoles yet, just the launch games and very early code of games that won't see the light of day for months yet, and neither have any of the big games web sites that i use. And neither have i read anything about PS3's still on the shelf in the US, i mean if this was the case why are so many going for over 2 grand on e bay?
I know people can be a bit overly loyal to one console or the other, but can't we just be a bit more objective until we actually play the thing? Don't get me wrong, just ask tracy how anti 360 i was until i actually bought one, so i know how people think. So if anyone is going to quote anything from any particular site, why not put a link to back up your argument.
Rant Over.


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Amen. Saying one console is better then another does not make it a fact, it's just a personal opinion. I love my 360 but that doesn't mean I think the PS3 (or any other console) is crap. It just means that the 360 appeals to me a lot more right now.
It's all about the games people!!

Btw, the PS3 is apparently not selling out in the USA. I have seen numerous reports about it. Here's one: aid=22279

I'm not mentioning that to be anti Sony, but to point out that if anyone is paying over the odds for an import console they are being ripped off!! ;o)
it is called "fanboyism".
Basically, some of the guys who own a console X, will spend their time convincing themselves that consoles Y and Z are complete failures, just to comfort themselves in thinking they made the right choice.
Fanboys think that they have to "choose a side" and participate in some kind of war where one console must kill the others.

Fanboys don't understand that they are consumers, and that therefore it's in their interest that many manufacturers survive and compete against each other.

One other thing they don't understand is that they are allowed to buy several consoles, it won't be considered a treason, they don't have to pledge alleagance to one manufacturer. It is not in their interest.
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Thank god, i thought i was the only one :O)
I hate all the 'which console is best' style questions that keep appearing on AB. How on earth can one console be better than another?

Unless it's running a game then it's just an expensive box of metal and plastic.

It's all about the games.
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Great answers folks. The only way we'll be able to tell which is the best is when both machines are running the same game, and even at that there's still no convincing some folk.

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