should i wait for the ps3?

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bobtheturkey | 20:52 Mon 11th Sep 2006 | Gaming
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or bite the bullet and buy the xbox 360? ive always been a playstation fan but all the faffing around sony are doing with the ps3 is putting me off, will the ps3 be any better than the 360 or do anything that the 360 cant?


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buy a 360
the second generation of games are now starting to arrive which will up the ante graphically
PS3 isnt out til march nad it will take some time for games developers to be able to exploit the hardware to its potential

have also read that the developers arent keen on working with PS3 for various reasons
im also a big fan of playstation but i brought a 360 and have not regretted it 1 bit. ive also heard that the ps3 games are not goin 2 be backed up?
Go for a 360, its hitting some good games now. The PS3 will not be a force for a year or 2 yet.
All this fanboy talk is beyond me - how can anyone be a fan of Playstation ? Surely they are a fan of the games on that console ?

I own a 360 and luv already has a great collection of games yet the ps3 will also boast an excellent collection of games when it has been out for a similar period of time.The only deciding factor here is the exclusive titles to each console eg metal gear solid to the ps3 and gears of war to the 360.

you also need to take into account other factors such as costs vs performance eg is a ps3 really worth that much money if you are only going to play it on a standard definition tv ?
I had a ps2, and was always envious of my mates xbox, it was more powerful and he used xbox live . I purchased an xbox 360 and am very happy with it, what makes this consul special is XBox live, It is absolutley amazing, with online gaming communities, game achievments, making gaming friends, playing co-op with your mates, downloading demos and music. Unless sony compete with xbox live the ps3 is not worth buying.
Buy with your head and not with the heart, sony have a dedicated following but xbox offers more for your money.
BUY A 360 , and an XBOX LIVE SUBSCRIPTION , you WONT regret it.
when you get your xbox 360, go to the shop "GAME" or similar, pick up HALO and HALO 2, you get them second hand for about a fiver each. Enjoy them and then wait for HALO 3 its gonna be awesome , that alone is worth buying the 360 for .....
I think I must be the only person on earth that found Halo to be nothing special and ultimately rather dull.

no Llamatron i hate halo as well
Wahoo, I'm not alone.
Halo 2 online is amazing
yeah the single player is a bit dull
but as meezer says -worth buying an xbox for
get a ps3, itll be worth the wait. the 360 has a bad line up of games and the system itself is worse than the ps3
oh yeah and i hate nintendo geeks, get over it nintendo's are pieces of excrument!!!!!!!!!!!
the 360 has a bad line-up of games ? it has only been out 9 months and already has a fabntastic array of differing titles to appeal to all.
what will the ps3 release schedule be like ? will it be any better ? i seriously doubt it.
the 360 is indeed not as powerful as the ps3 but nor was the ps2 as powerful as the xbox but did that matter ?the difference between the ps3 and 360 will barely be noticable and certainly not worth all that extra expenditure.
how do u know what the schedule for the ps3 will be any good either its not out till next year partridge!
and Nintendo geeks..... u ever played on the Gamecube was the best console for mindless mulitplier fun

i agree with Spat its worth buying an old Xbox just for online let alone the 360 which plays (most) old games and has better new ones!
Dont forget Xbox360 games should be about �10 cheaper than PS3 games.

and what happened to that rumour that there whould be no second hand PS3 games market as the Blu-Ray technology gave Sony the ability to lock the disc to the console it was first played on?
Although the 360 is a vast improvement over the xbox in every department, i do think the PS3 will be an even bigger one over the PS2, the new Blue Ray drive it will use is the next step up in data storage, and i think given time the games will be that much better than the 360, in depth and gameplay.
Also i think sony has lost a lot of would be customers to the 360 due to the delays, that the prices will fall on the PS3 quite quick once the fuss has died down a bit.... well this is what i hope anyway lol

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should i wait for the ps3?

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