xbox 360 vs ps3

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almusic10 | 16:22 Thu 14th Sep 2006 | Gaming
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will there be any real difference in the graphics between the xbox 360 and the ps3. I have an xbox 360 and think the xbox 360 graphics are great


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any difference will be very slight.
By all accounts, it looks like they will have very similar graphics capabilities. Despite the long time between release dates...
I doubt there will be to much in it but, given that the PS3 will be using the new BLUE RAY drive and the disks it uses/plays will have the abbility to hold that much more infomation, i think the depth of game play will be that much better, i think the 360 is a big step up from the xbox, but think the PS3 will be an even bigger one compared to the PS2....
dont be swayed by the blu (betamax) ray aspect all the dvd manufacturers agree to make hd dvd format dvds all except for sony , again . blu ray will loose this format war and anyone who buys a blu ray player will be left with a lemon and a bunch of discs that they will eventually have to replace history repeats and those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it my money bets that the ps4 will have a hd dvd player ya get me?
the fact that sony have opted for blu-ray means that ps3 games will cost �10 more than 360 is very rare for games to completely fill 1 dvd of 4.3 gigs at the moment so blu-ray at this time is unecessary.if a game is released that does need more than 1 disk,microsoft can simply use 2 dvds and still put the game out cheaper than a blu ray equivalent.
I've been debating whether to get the xbox 360 or the ps3, and have decided on the xbox 360, as I wouldn't have to wait, forever! to get it....

But does anyone know whether it's possible to play burned/copied games on the 360?
That will be the deciding factor....
If it is poss, how?
Yes you can play backup games on the 360, but it involves a firmware flash of your xbox360's DVD drive.

This tricks the 360 into thinking it's reading an original game.

There will almost certainly be a fightback from microsoft over this.

This is also not very safe for users of Xbox live as this hack may well be detected.

Leaving you open to prosecution or banning of your machine to future games or services.

Please see this website for further info:

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xbox 360 vs ps3

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