Burger King Xbox 360 games?

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tracy6697 | 22:25 Mon 22nd Jan 2007 | Gaming
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I think it's out of morbid curiousity really, but are the 3 Burger King promotional games released in the USA worth importing? I've seen all 3 for quite a cheap price on ebay (around �7 - �8 ish). I'd really like to play Sneak King in particular!
Has anyone played these? Do they work on a pal console as most USA 360 games are region free?

Btw, I haven't gone insane, these games do exist! Sneak King looks creepy & a little bit weird! There is a review here: 1.html


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As far as i know they wont work as they are all region locked and only work on a nstc console.
Hi tracy, i read an article on these games, i think it was in GamesTM, and 2 of the games got really good reviews and the other was OKish, i can't remember what games got the good reviews, but for that price you really can't go wrong can you?
As regards the region coding thing, i'm afraid i can't really say as basically, i've not got a scooby :)
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I've done a bit more digging since I posted this question and I've come across a few mentions of these games being region locked as legend1751 said :o(
Oh well, on a brighter note, if anyone's interested I also came across an article suggesting they may come to the UK: d=69075

I hope they do, even if they aren't that great as john said you can't really go wrong for the price!
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Burger King Xbox 360 games?

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