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Am Bored

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jennyjoan | 15:44 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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But I would like something sweetish from the shop. What shall I buy




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Golden cup chocolate bar

Fig rolls

Question Author

GCB is discontinued 

a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn - knit maxi a jumper


Fry's Cream bar or Walnut Whips

Question Author

Red. Yea yea yea.  Not the right answer

ohhh ... walnut whips, YES

Caramilk ( was caramac). 
not sure if it's available where you are tt.

I am just trying to help you from eating the wrong things with dodgy teeth and being bothered about your weight!

sherbet lemons 🍋

Question Author

Just a wee treat  am away now to get ma wee sweeties

The biggest box of maltesers you can find, and some haribo tangfastics.

What did you treat yourself to?

lots Barry - enjoyed them but it won't happen again.

It will 😂

 Cadburys Cream Eggs are tasty. I recently bought a box of ten.

I can't believe it's nearly Easter and I don't have a single piece of chocolate in the house. 

Oh dear. As my wife often admonished our young kids with the remark, ' Bored people are boring people. Get yourself a book to read'

that's right Retro - I am a boring person hence why I am bored.

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