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Got My Turkey

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Vagus | 16:14 Wed 27th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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And all the other bits and bobs for Easter Sunday dinner, and some other nice meals for our visitors.

Also the booze to make a negroni cocktail, never had one myself but am assured by one of our visitors if we like gin and tonic (we do) then chances are we'll like this.



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you will need to get some one else to cook your dinner if you have 2 negroni's - they are lethal

Have you made the Simnel cake?

Question Author

Going to try one later Helen, just as a test you understand..πŸ˜‰

Never made a simnel cake, Barry, but have made a Blue Pete Easter cake in the past, which is delicious.

I thought Lamb was the traditional fare for Easter. That Turkey must of been hard to find.

Question Author

It wasn't actually retro, Sainsbury's had them a plenty, both fresh and frozen.

Its a special request from one of our visitors, a sort of mini Christmas dinner.

A simnel cake recipe in todays Daily Mail Page 50. Actually it's Lemon Drizzle simnel slices.

Isn't it strange Vagus. The months leading up to Christmas there is always doom and gloom about Turkey shortages for Christmas. Now, it seems they are available all year round.

Question Author

I just had a look at that retro, they do look tasty. 
The Blue Peter Easter cake uses a jar of mayo instead of butter and eggs, dead easy to make and very moist. The children liked the nest on top of it made with Cadbury flakes and mini eggs.

And that is a timely reminder that I need to get a leg of lamb out of the freezer tonight to stick in the oven on Good Friday morning.  (We have people over for dinner that evening).

All the veg is prepped and in the freezer so all I need to do tomorrow is make a pavlova.

Question Author

I was surprised how many there were in the shops, when I looked a few weeks ago I couldn't find any. It was Margo who pointed me in the right direction. I suppose turkeys are like chickens in that they just breed all year round πŸ“πŸ¦ƒ

Question Author

Oh well Barmaid, you're just far toooooo organised πŸ˜‰

You can always trust Sainsbury's Vagus πŸ˜€ I ve always served turkey on Easter Sunday Retro, probably because that's what mum Mum used to do.

I have to be, Vagus.  There is only one of me trying to do everything so the only way I get stuff done is by being mega organised.

Lamb...Pavlova...what time should I be there, Barmaid?  πŸ˜‹

Sorry to but in vagus would love to try your cocktail 😜..... barmaid can I ask how your hubby is getting on now regarding his knee? 

Negroni - my favourite cocktail ever.  Happy Easter x

Question Author

You can indeed Margo, I don't think I'd have even bothered looking further if you'd not told me 😊

Is OH still suffering with his knee Barmaid? Or maybe I should ask..are you still suffering with his kneeπŸ˜‰

Question Author

There you go giggsie, snap 😁

Question Author

Oh that's encouraging, Rosie 🍸Happy Easter to you too

He's still struggling, Giggsie.  Seeing the surgeon again in May at which point surgeon may decide to have him back in again for a "manipulation" under anaesthetic.  Trouble is, he now feels guilty because I am on my last legs running around like an idiot and he is trying to do more and then he aggravates it and makes it worse.

Sorry Vagus for minor digression.

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