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Do You Have A Childhood Comfort Food?

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NoseyNose | 14:35 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Do you have a childhood comfort food,one that you still get real satisfaction from eating

Tell me which three yours are(you can have more if you want!)

Mine are:


Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

Heinz Sandwich Spread

I will be very interested,to see which yours are?





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Barsel...It's a long time since I looked. I've only ever seen sliced garlic sausage. 

Heinz potato salad.  I haven't seen it for years but in Spain they do Russian Salad which is similar.

Crosse & Blackwell vegetable soup.  It had a potato base rather than tomato.

Custard buns.  They're still available in M & S but don't seem as attractive as they did when I was little.

Oh yes margo, I forgot that as we always had the chocolate ones but you could get them in orange and lemon. I can taste them now. Unlike todays' cupcakes the icing was level with the top of the case (which was silver foil) and dead flat as if cleaned over with a palette knife. Also it was icing, not buttercream.

If it's the same as liver sausage, you should be able to get it.

Look for it next time you shop.

Ooh, I forgot Mum's homemade apple pie!

No comfort food as a child. You ate what you were given no matter what it was.

My Aunty Arly's home made picallily, she gave everyone one of those old fashioned huge sweet jars full of it, for Christmas, and when we got married we were given one too. I have the recipe here but only attempted it once as it came out nothing like hers. Such nostalgia 😊

Actually a large  chunk of cheddar cheese still does it for me. Just on its own My Mum used to hide the cheese because I scoffed it every time I got home from school.

We did too, Lottie, my sister and I, with a huge slice of white bread, butter and marmite. kept us going till teatime.

Pasta if you google liver sausage a variety of different types come up. I get a very nice one from my local butcher.

when dad was still able to eat - I used to bring him twinkies every week - he loved them

My mum's meat and potato pie. When I make it, it never quite tastes the same as hers.

Heinz Tomato Soup with mashed potato 😋

Me,rhubarb rock.I think it is still available,but wouldnt taste the same.

Anything my mum cooked, (all from scratch) I loved all her meals and baking. Heinz Sandwich spread, which I eat frequently, Heinz russian salad, tinned salmon, tinned salmon sandwiches the list is too long.

I love hot beetroot sandwiches made with lots of butter.  Grandad was a greengrocer who boiled beetroots in the yard behind the shop.  I don't like pickled beetroot at all.

Condensed milk on buttered bread.

Oven baked rice pudding.

Fresh strawberry sandwich.

I've never really been able to reconcile tastes or smells with my childhood, favourably or otherwise.  I simply don't remember those things.

I guess the closest I can add here would be so many happy memories of Sunday lunch.  Around the big oak table, 8 comfortably seated, though we managed 12 quite often. 

Ah, ok, while not really a "comfort food", & away from the OP's theme, those long lunches would always have a main course of overcooked everything & those memories are happy ones for me.  It was everyone together, & I'd give the rest of my life for one more of those days. 🙂

PS I learnt how not to cook...

Sad Cake with butter spread on it, Swiss milk butties, Syrup on toast, home made potato pie and apple pie, 

Mine was Corned Beef Hash that I was fed after the war at boarding school.

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