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Do You Have A Childhood Comfort Food?

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NoseyNose | 14:35 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Do you have a childhood comfort food,one that you still get real satisfaction from eating

Tell me which three yours are(you can have more if you want!)

Mine are:


Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

Heinz Sandwich Spread

I will be very interested,to see which yours are?





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mashed potato with corned beef and cheese

fish fingers and cheese sauce

boiled eggs and cheese sauce

Steamed suet pudding topped with golden syrup and custard.

Haven't had one for many years.

Must be made with suet 

Faggots and peas, which I do still enjoy.  Never those awful Brains faggots, though, only butchers faggots will do

Fish and chips from the seaside chippy, eaten on a bench on the prom or pier

I'm with you on the marmite, will eat it on just about anything. Seems the marmite gene has been passed down as the grandchildren all love it too 😋

Tinned salmon sandwiches with pickled beetroot.

Tinned rice pudding.

Waiting patiently for the donut machine at the seaside to go through its sequence from raw batter to hot fried deliciousness covered in sugar at the end 😋🍩

We always had salmon sandwiches on the coach on the way to our holiday. 

Black forest gataux at the beach for an easter picnic

mothers quiche was always special

Her stovies were amazing and to this day no idea how she made them

egg and bacon pie

for any long car journey we used to have m+s chicken and bacon pie.  Sadly they no longer do it

I've never had a comfort food.  I don't understand that idea.

Helen, I always thought Stovies were some sort of bread bun but having just looked it up I realise it's something completely different, maybe akin to scouse. Well you live and learn 🙂

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I had never thought of that combination,but I am going to try it.

Checks larder~Yes,tinned salmon,Yes Pickled beetroot,Yes Bread,

Vagus sandwich here I come!LOL I do love a new food combination.

Maybe part of the 'comfort' is the nostalgia Naomi.

You won't regret it Nosey 😉

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My late partners Mother(stovies are Scottish) made them for us.They were more like champ or colcannon,but with the addition of pieces of chopped(fine) left over mutton,or other meat.

Both Irish dishes, Champ is mashed potatoes with chopped spring onions (scallions) and milk. Colcannon is Champ with the addition of cabbage and sometimes some herbs.

I don't think you can get (easily) mutton nowadays though?

@1358 - does not surprise me

Vagus, it depends everyone has their own recipe, from what I can remember of my mothers - it was dryer with large chunks of potato and left over pork from the sunday dinner with gravy browning and of course tomato ketchup.

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I had forgotten a sandwich that I used to love.

Liver Sausage



It sounds awful, but eats deliciously.LOL

If I did have a comfort food as a child, it was probably the same as it is today. Chocolate. 

I used to adore a desert called Rice Creamola, which was like a cross between custard and rice pudding.

They don't make it any more, a sad loss to the children of my generation.

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Do You Have A Childhood Comfort Food?

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