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Heinz Tomato Soup

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EcclesCake | 13:26 Thu 23rd May 2013 | Food & Drink
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Having read Smowball's Cold Meal thread I've realised I am cold and want something warming for lunch.

I have heated up a bowl of Heinz tomato soup and it has taken me back to my childhood when my Mother would give it to me for lunch when I was off school sick.

It bears no relation to real tomato soup but it is so comforting!

No real question but feel free to share what food brings you comfort.


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Cheese on toast! Brings back memories of saturday afternoons watching the football results with my dad. ( Fife 5 - Forfar 4 !! lol).

And then hiding behind the sofa when Dr Who came on with the daleks!!
But we always had cheese on toast!
Question Author
Having heard yesterday that Mick McManus had died I too was recalling Saturday afternoon, before the footie results (when my Father had his pools sheet out) we'd watch the wrestling.

We didn't have cheese on toast but Saturday was always the day when we had a nice meal.

Did it take you down memory lane Triggs?
Oh lovely, there's nothing like it. It's even a favourite of chef Gary Rhodes apparently.
roti and dahl
mash with gravy
egg fried rice
heinz tom soup with cheese on toast
fresh bread with butter and pate/cheese/marmite

pretty carb based.....
When we were off school sick, we always got HTS with mashed potato, God it was delicious.
Mince and potatoes
Snap Eccles. The same memories for me. When I'm ill, which doesn't happen very often, all I want to eat is Heinz Tomato Soup.
I love Heinz Tomato soup with a cheese toastie .Can't beat it on a cold day or when you feel a bit gippy.
Question Author
I'm clearly missing out by not having HTS with cheese on toast.

Soup is now eaten and I had no bread but next time I'll make sure the soup/cheese/bread stars are all in alignment!
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HTS with mashed potato? In the same bowl??
Question Author
Sshh Smow, I was trying to ignore that travesty!
Ere you too, don't knock it til you've tried it ;)
cook some penne pasta, stir in HTS till warmed, add grated cheese and chopped grilled bacon...........yummmmmeeeeeee
one weird alba likes HTS in a sandwich.
I don't ask.

oooh, Rocky and Alice, thank you, they're duly noted :-)
Too!! Doh. Two.
Question Author
I thought you poured HTS into a saucepan and added a little seasoning; chilli or Worcester sauce perhaps. Am intrigued and horrified at the concept of sarnies, pasta and mash with HTS!!!

Each to their own though :-)
My comfort food: cheese on toast
Bolognese on cheese on toast
Faggots with mash, veg and extra gravy
Fish finger sarnies

(but not all at once!)
Ick! Food of the Devil. Bears no colour, texture or taste to any tomato I know!

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Heinz Tomato Soup

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