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Do You Have A "Guilty Pleasure" Food?

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NoseyNose | 12:28 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Do you have a food you love,that probably should not be eating,but cannot resist it?

Come on now you can confess it here,and we will absolve you of all blame.

Mine is fried bread.I don't make it at home,but increasingly now quite a few cafes now seem to do it.

Just what is YOUR secret(or not) pleasure?

Father Confessor Gordon.




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Any kind of cake, especially chocolate cake. The more cream it has the better!!!

Maryland cookies

Any chocolate biscuits, but especially choc-chip cookies with big chunks of choc...drooool...🍪

L-I K have you tried Choco Leibniz they are luscious! I used to live Horlicks sweets I'll have to see if I can find then

Lie-in King - absolutely

Anything chocolately and crispy bacon  -  though not together 😊

cheese on toast

thorntons vienese truffles

peanut brittle/pecan brittle

Bednobs  - cheese On toast is one of my favourites  - specifically M&S Cornish Cruncher

Pork pie.

turkish delight .i eat all the chocolate first the the jelly bit 

 and gala pies they come in a pack of two,  mr mally doesn't like them  so to save waste i eat 2 x

as in 2 whole pies???!?!

they are in slices lol x

Are those the slices with egg in the middle? I get them from M and S...I've got to ration them. Otherwise I'd eat both slices in one go.

Cheese.  I eat it all on the day I buy it. So mostly I don't buy any. 

Black pudding 

Mini Mars bars .... I keep some in my bedside drawer to grab one if I can't sleep ....forget the work and play, I just rest 😋😵‍💫

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I think the pie with the gg in the middle is called Gala Pie.

Apologies if you know this already?

pastafreak i get my gala pies from Asda 2 slices per packet x

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Do You Have A "Guilty Pleasure" Food?

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